10 Ways To Keep Your Visitors Interested!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Make sure all your web pages load fast or your visitors will leave fast. Time is precious; they won't waste it waiting for your site to load.

7. Tell your visitors what's offered at your web site atrepparttar very beginning. If people are confused about what's being offered they may leave too early.

8. Publish your web site professionally. People will get turned off and leave if they see a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

9. Make your site text easy to read. Most people won't strain their eyes trying to read text that is too small, light or bright.

10. Use headlines and sub headlines all over your your web site that will grab visitors attention. It will attract them to explore your web site longer.

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“5 Ways to Give Your Web Site a Big-Company Look and Feel”

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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If you use Outlook Express or a similar e-mail program, you can set it up so that your e-mails ONLY show your e-mail alias and NOT your personal e-mail address. (To do this in Outlook Express, go underrepparttar “Tools” menu. Then choose “Accounts.” Then selectrepparttar 131899 account you use, and click “Properties.” Enter your e-mail alias in bothrepparttar 131900 “e-mail address” and “reply address” fields.)

<< 4. Get a professional-looking Web site DESIGN. >>

This can mean either hiring a designer to do a custom site for you, OR designing it yourself. Unless you’re both trained extensively in HTML and have a background in design, it’s well worthrepparttar 131901 money to hire someone.

Find prospective designers who work with small businesses, ask to see samples of their work, and be upfront about your budget. If their rates are higher than you can afford, ask them if they have any pre-designed Web site templates they can just insert your information in, cutting down tremendously on design time and cost.

If you do want to put together your own site, check outrepparttar 131902 “corporate” section of http://www.freewebtemplates.com for several neat designs you can use at no charge. (TIP: Avoidrepparttar 131903 ones with colored backgrounds; they’ll make it more complicated for you, and your text will be harder to read.)

Whatever design you choose, make it CONSISTENT on every page of your site, by usingrepparttar 131904 same design elements such as borders, fonts, and colors.

<< 5. Tell us WHO YOU ARE and HOW TO REACH YOU. >>

Most of us (and rightfully so) are leery of purchasing

online from a company we’ve never heard of before. To alleviate our fears, put contact information on every page if you can, with a physical mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

If you’re uncomfortable posting your home address, lease a box at a mailing and shipping center and use that address. Avoid using “P.O. box” in your address if possible, which can appear suspicious. Real companies have real addresses!

Also, get a *toll-free* number if you can — it really says “big company.” I got mine from my long distance provider, 1Com (http://www.1cominc.com), because they charge no setup fee or monthly fees — I only pay forrepparttar 131905 incoming calls at my usual great long distance rates.

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