10 Ways To Generate Highly Read Article Ideas!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Check online bookstore's best sellers list. They're very good resources for finding winning topics and ideas to write about.

7. Userepparttar time of year to come up with good topics. You could relate your content torepparttar 125218 holiday, season, things that happen years ago during that time, etc.

8. Join some related e-mail discussion lists. Explorerepparttar 125219 question being asked andrepparttar 125220 subjects people are discussing.

9. Relate your article to a current fad that's going on in your specific industry. The topic is usually interesting to your target audience.

10. Make a file of visitor or customer questions you receive via e-mail or phone. Usually, others haverepparttar 125221 same questions, but never ask.

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Written by David Seitz

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You can also incorporate a similar system into newsletter sign ups. All referrers can be entitled to an entry for every new subscriber and so.

Tracking can be as simple as writing down a persons email address or going all out and installing a custom tracking system. I use a mixture of both. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

A random contest run through your newsletter subscriber base will greatly improve word of mouth advertising for you. People love to win things and winning by surprise is a double bang! Just think ofrepparttar referrals you will get if you pulled a winner out ofrepparttar 125217 blue with no notice!

I hope this gave you a few ideas, feel free to email me any time.

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