10 Ways To Gain Your Prospects Attention Using Your Picture Alone!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Wear an unrelated hat. You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, straw hat, a sports helmet, a rain hat, etc.

8. Paint your face. You could paint your own ideal character or paint a typical character like a clown, animal, plant, etc.

9. Wear a mask. You could buy one or make one out of a paper bag. Just cutrepparttar nose, mouth and eyes out. You could also add other facial features.

10. Use an uncommon background. You could use an outside background, a funny wallpaper, a prop to look like you have a cartoon body, etc.

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Promoting Your eBusiness Without Breaking the Bank

Written by Kevin Noesner

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Email ads. Be careful with this one. Out ofrepparttar blue or "spam" email advertising can be very annoying to consumers and may backfire. Rather, find an email newsletter for your market and sponsor a few issues. Believe me, potential customers will be much more agreeable to an ad in their newsletter than spam in their inbox.

Time to crank uprepparttar 125211 marketing to a more traditional advertising media.

Magazines. There are really many similarities between advertising in magazines and web ads. Get exposure in magazines that reflectrepparttar 125212 interests of your potential customers, much like how you choserepparttar 125213 right websites to advertise on. And eventhough it's tempting to use allrepparttar 125214 space, try not to cram a lot of information in a magazine ad. Rather, use an attention grabber that will persuade a reader to jump on your website for more information.

Radio. Radio advertising is really flexible since you can chooserepparttar 125215 amount of exposure that is right for you. If you are doubtful of its effectiveness, just sponsor a related local radio show. If this works out well, then you may want to have commercials cut, or sponsor a national show. Again, choosingrepparttar 125216 right show is of utmost importance. For example, if you website deals with finance, then sponsor a radio broadcast that deals with investments.

Television. Nothing quite gives an internet company instant prestige like a witty tv commercial. As with radio, you must select a proper time slot to maximize its effectiveness. Choose your target audience wisely and project a professional company image.

These are just a few suggestions to achieve .com success. Take these ideas and personalize them towards your own web-based business. There is no perfect formula that fits every market, however there are proven marketing methods. And remember thatrepparttar 125217 web is still a relatively young form of media, sorepparttar 125218 sky really isrepparttar 125219 limit.

Kevin Noesner is founder of RentTracker.com, a company providing affordable rental property management software. For more information or a free copy of RentTracker Lite, go to: www.RentTracker.com

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