10 Ways To Convert A Visitor Into An Affiliate!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Explain to your visitors it's a limited timed offer. Tell them that after you reach a certain number of affiliates, it will cost money to become an affiliate.

8. Publish testimonials and endorsements from your affiliates. Your offer will be extra effective if they are from well known people your visitors respect.

9. Show your potential affiliates a picture of a large actual check you paid one of your tops affiliates. It could also be one of their actual stat pages.

10. Ask your potential affiliates questions that will persuade them to sign up like: "Would you like to be able to retire before you're 40?"

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Keeping Your Affiliates Active and Loyal

Written by Keller Flynn

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Second. "Send a sincere "thank you" email. Don't just send a cursory "thank you" with your new affiliate's linking code. Once again, offer some more information aboutrepparttar program. Tell them a little more aboutrepparttar 102621 product, or mention a technique or two for placing classified ads for their site. Always close any communication with your affiliates by letting them know that they can always contact you with questions or concerns.

Third. Keep on top of sales alerts. Try to set up a regular schedule for informing affiliates of their sales. Frequent alerts, say once or twice a week, will keep people much more interested than a monthly mass mailing.

Fourth. Keep in touch. Start an affiliate newsletter, or send out emails with updates about your program, sales statistics from your top affiliates, and marketing tips. This will keep people excited aboutrepparttar 102622 potential ofrepparttar 102623 program.

These tactics may seem a little time consuming, but believe me they're worth it. And besides, just think ofrepparttar 102624 recruiting hours you'll save if everyone sticks with it. Now obviously, there are going to be affiliates who leave your program no matter what you do, that's justrepparttar 102625 nature ofrepparttar 102626 business, but, provided you have a good product, if you follow these steps and stay in communication with your people, you'll find that your program is a lot more successful.

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