10 Ways To Boost Your Websites Appearance and Gain Traffic

Written by Chase York

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Make a Partners page where you put links to other sites related to yours. Partner pages add stickiness to your site and if you swap links with your partner sites this will get your site ranked higher on search engines which means more traffic!

Be sure to Advertise your site. Use your image software to make buttons and banners that other sites can use to link to your site.

Make sure you have a webmaster e-mail. This way visitors and other webmasters alike can ask questions or comment your site.

Make articles just like this used to help people. Visitors will enjoy reading about up to date topics. Pick only topics that interest almost all your visitors and is somewhat related to your site. Always update and create new articles as much as possible, this will create some REAL stickiness andrepparttar traffic will roll in.

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I am a webmaster and want to help other webmasters with their websites.

Does Google Hire "Mad Scientists?"

Written by Jim Edwards

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This link takes you to a search page where, as you type in your keyword phrase, Google will make additional suggestions on related search terms you should consider.

Other gizmos inrepparttar Google "lab" include: Google Maps. Google Desktop, and Google Scholar.

** Recent Graduates From The "Lab" **

Some recent graduates ofrepparttar 131570 Google Lab include:

"Web Alerts" - Log on to http://www.google.com/alerts to receive an email notification any time a new web page or news article entersrepparttar 131571 Google database containing a search phrase you specify.

This provides an excellent means to quickly find new sites that mention anything from your favorite movie star to use of a trademarked product name you want to monitor.

"Search By Location" - Log on to http://local.google.com to find local businesses and other interesting information based on geography.

A search on "printing" in "norge, va" immediately brought uprepparttar 131572 Printwell printer I use, and a search for "mexican" in "lightfoot, va" turned up my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Also, a search for "museum" in "williamsburg, va" turned up some very interesting places I didn't know existed, even though we live in a tourist town.

I actually doubt that Google hires mad scientists, but byrepparttar 131573 looks of allrepparttar 131574 projects they have going, it's safe to say they hire extremely creative people who like to pushrepparttar 131575 boundaries of technology.

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