10 Underground Tips For Inflating Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Create a long term relationship with your entire customer base. You can stay in touch with them through an e-zine, with greeting cards, etc.

8. Repeatrepparttar 3 most powerful or appealing benefits throughout your ad copy. Repetition can brand your product's benefits quicker in your prospects mind.

9. Give your new customers surprise free gifts. This will increase their loyalty and give you more word of mouth advertising.

10. Make your long ad copy interesting enough so people click through torepparttar 117707 next web page. If it's not, they won't takerepparttar 117708 time to click and read more.

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Bosco Goes To Work?

Written by Pat Murray

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He will have paid his dues, and be able to watch little J.W. while his wife is busy. He had worked it so his wife can stay home with J.W. several months ago.

Will Bosco Succeed?

As pointed out before, Bosco has a plan. He plans in a year or less to just have his home-based business and say good-bye to old Crabapple. J.W. will have both parents at home. Is that glimmer in Bosco's eye J.W.'S little sister?

Anyway, Fang does have a plan. But maybe not! Work for Crabapple until retirement. A week off for vacation every year. Wages determined byrepparttar bosses prejudices.

He lives for today. He doesn't realize thatrepparttar 117706 average retiree lives on 40% of what they made when they were working. Wow! What a comedown, especially if he is unable to hold down a part-time job after retirement.

Another reason Bosco will succeed is his correct use of his time and resources. Home-based business owners need to have discipline to use their time and money wisely. He will be way, way ahead ofrepparttar 117707 game in building his business.

Where Is Bosco 5 Years Later?

Been on his dream vacation torepparttar 117708 Land Down Under. Now planning his next trip to Oz. J.W. goes to a private grade school. And Sissy is now a wiggling reality in Mama's arms.

Where is Fang? Still trapped in his dead-end job. His health insurance from work nearly gone with his wife's illness. Not very rosy.

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