10 Traits of an Organized Home

Written by Barbara Myers

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5. Chore list is clearly posted. Everyone does his or her share as a member ofrepparttar family.

6. There is a key rack, shoe rack and pegs for jackets and backpacks nearrepparttar 131041 door.

7. Toys are separated into containers by category and can be put away quickly.

8. There is a portable file box into which bills and paperwork are organized.

9. Home appears adequately clean. Family has a daily system to pick up clutter and a weekly system for cleaningrepparttar 131042 house.

10. Family members have time for one another because their home is organized.

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer, author and speaker. Think this sounds impossible? It's not! Read The Complete Guide to Organized Parenting. Visit http://www.ineedmoretime.com for a free tips booklet.

Nature's Decor for Fall, on a Budget

Written by Kathleen Wilson

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Lastly, don’t forgetrepparttar front porch when addingrepparttar 131038 element of fall! After all, Halloween and Thanksgiving are onrepparttar 131039 way, it’ time to think about adding joy to our neighborhoods and communities. Ask a local farmer or produce stand owner if you can get some corn stalks, and display them on your porch with a homemade scarecrow. My kids have been making scarecrows each year since they were little, and they have a great time! Use old clothing, a little muslin or an old pillowcase forrepparttar 131040 face, stuff most ofrepparttar 131041 body with newspaper or stuffing, then add a little raffia or straw atrepparttar 131042 sleeve and neck cuffs. Makerepparttar 131043 scarecrows representative of someone you know for fun…one year my kids made our whole family, and if you know anything aboutrepparttar 131044 size of my family, you’ll understand it was quite a job! Draw onrepparttar 131045 face with permanent makers and craft paint, and have a great time!

Lastly, don’t forget to preserve some of this magical time. Press fall leaves, take pictures of your kids, and make some really great new comfort foods to warm your family. Setrepparttar 131046 stage for a wonderful place for your family to be this winter!

Copyright 2002 K. Wilson

Kathleen Wilson is the editor of The Budget Decorator, a free ezine dedicated to the “budget impaired” home decorator. Please visit her at http://www.thebudgetdecorator.com for more free projects and ideas, and for information on her upcoming book, “Quick Decorating Ideas Under $20: The Budget Decorator’s Bible”.

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