10 Tips to become an Affiliate Champion

Written by Henry Ochoa

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6. Create a content website with a review of your affiliate program. Don't try to sellrepparttar program, instead, give your visitorsrepparttar 102460 best review you can write ofrepparttar 102461 program. Make a bulleted list of benefits YOU have found on that program.

7. Refer to your program's web site with a TEXT LINK. Avoid using banners. People tend to look banners as a sales pitch and doesn't like it. People in your site are looking for information, not to buy. So give them some information. Make them want more information, then give them your text link.

8. Compile your own mailing list. Offer your visitor a freebie, a newsletter, a free e-book, a report... In exchange, ask for their contact info. The key here is to get their address.

9. Follow up with this list. Contact them at least once a week. Build trust. Make them know you and trust you.

10. Track your advertising results and make corrections as necessary. Ifrepparttar 102462 program is good, you can profit from it. Do whatever it needs to be done to achieve you goals.

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ABC's Of Building An eBusiness

Written by Dan Farrell

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Designingrepparttar site can be done using some excellent html editors, such as Frontpage, (you can get Frontpage Express for free with Internet Explorer or Netscape) or Hotdog, http//www.sausagetools.com (they have a shareware program for 30 days). I use both and though they have a learning curve, (some frustration and exasperation -), you will have designed a first class, professional looking site.

You might want to create a mini-website or a micro-website. These are 1-2 page with Good content and 1-3 keyword or keyword phrase focused. I highly recommend an Excellent ebook on creating microsites thatrepparttar 102459 author was able to get a top 10 listing with Google in as little as 3 days! Check it out here. http//www.easyseo.com/html/books4u.html

If you decide to spendrepparttar 102460 bucks for a web designer, and there are a lot that will offer cheap rates, make sure you look at their portfolio before giving them you business. And put it in writing withrepparttar 102461 price and agreed upon terms (time, pages and content). I recommend if you do your own site, to consider having a professional-looking logo done. It really gives your pages a serious, professional look and uniformity. I have used Got Logos, http//www.gotlogos.com, they only charge $25 and do a great job.

You can get much more in-depth information on how to make online, by takingrepparttar 102462 Affiliate Masters Course. mailtotamshomebased@sitesell.net It is a wonderful, 6-day email course that takes you step by step in building a new business. And it's free! I have been using Site Build It! an absolutely incredible way to build a web site that is soooo much easier than Frontpage or any other html editor. This inrepparttar 102463 MOST ingenious software onrepparttar 102464 'net'! It practically does it for you. There are too many benefits to list but believe me it continues to stun me with its ability to takerepparttar 102465 most tedious, monotonous tasks and do them automatically. No, you still have to think -) You owe it to yourself to check it out. http//buildit.sitesell.com/homebased.html

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