10 Tips to Preparing a Super Speech

Written by Jim M. Allen

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6. Create a conversation.

Don't think of what you're doing as "writing a speech." Instead, consider it creating a conversation between you andrepparttar audience.

7. Involverepparttar 125564 audience.

To create that sense of conversation, interact with your audience. Ask them questions ("How many of you would agree with that?"). Give them things to do ("I want you to write this next fact down...").

8. Listen to yourself.

How your speech sounds is much more important than how it reads. Create your speech forrepparttar 125565 ear, notrepparttar 125566 eye.

9. Revise, revise, revise!

Practice your speech as much as possible, revise it continuously so that it's justrepparttar 125567 perfect speech for YOU to deliver.

10. Have fun.

Keeprepparttar 125568 process of creating your speech simple and light. If you makerepparttar 125569 process fun, your speech will reflect that and you will deliver a super speech!

Jim Allen is a professional life & business coach. For more ideas, subscribe to his free bi-weekly ezine, THE BIG IDEA, by sending a blank email to: SubscribeGA@CoachJim.com

Need A Job To Call Your Own?

Written by Kathy Thompson

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Physiognomy is a science dating back to Hippocrates andrepparttar Han Dynasty. Face Reading reveals a person's personality, past, destiny. Certain personality traits are best suited for specific careers. Entrepreneurs should be risk takers, ambitious, confident, innovative, analytical. Teachers should be tolerant, tactful, optimistic, confident. Sales people should be friendly, physical, tactful, domineering, objective. Managers need to be Self-Confident,analytical, possessive, domineering, impersonal. Each trait is seen inrepparttar 125563 face.

For more information contact Thompson at: 512-353-7663 or careers4u@words4-u.com. More information is available at: www.words4-u.com/careers.html

With a B.S. in Business Communcations, Kathy Thompson has been writing all her life. She loves to write non-fiction and fiction. Bouncing from job to job, Kathy finally found her calling in helping others find the career they were born to.

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