10 Tips to Increase Your Sales

Written by Jill Konrath

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Test every idea you come up with from your customer's perspective. Think: If I said or did this, how would my customer interpret it or react? Only their perception is important - not what you meant. Make your changes beforerepparttar call to increase your success.

7. Minimize Opportunity Leakage Unless customers can explicitly staterepparttar 127182 business value of your offering in concrete terms your opportunity can easily evaporate into thin air - even if they appear highly interested.

To increase your order rate, ask questions such as: Why would this help you? What value would you get from this service? What arerepparttar 127183 primary benefits you would realize from my product/service? This cementsrepparttar 127184 value in their brain.

8. Make Follow-up Meetings Concrete Don't ever leave a meeting without scheduling your next one - or you may never catch up with your customer again. They're running from meeting-to-meeting, busy handling way too many projects.

The longer it takes to reschedule,repparttar 127185 more their desire for your offering fades. Getrepparttar 127186 meeting on both your calendars now - even if it's just to talk onrepparttar 127187 phone.

9. Always Debrief Your Sales Calls This isrepparttar 127188 only way you can get better. Ask yourself: a) what went well? b) where did I run into problems? and c) what could I do next time to get even better results?

This is absolutelyrepparttar 127189 only way you will improve. Sales is a grand experiment customers change, markets change, your offerings change, and so does your knowledge base. Unless you're continually learning, you're losing ground.

10. Reframe Your Attitude Stop blamingrepparttar 127190 economy or anything else for your problems. There are many things totally within your control. Approach all tough sales situations with a "what's possible" or "how can I?" mindset. If you're stuck, brainstorm with friends or colleagues.

Accept 100% responsibility for your sales success and continually be onrepparttar 127191 lookout for creative approaches to take your business torepparttar 127192 next level.

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Selling To Your Difficult Person

Written by Pat Wiklund

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If your high energy prospect is people oriented you may think a new best friend just walked in. They chat, ask about your family, your life, your business, but not what they are looking for. Be friendly, but take charge ofrepparttar conversation. Turnrepparttar 127181 questions to what they want, how you can help them, how they will use your products. Be assumptive with your close. Tell them about your return policy to give them a way out. (They won't take it but are reassured that it is there!)

Slow paced prospects challenge fast paced entrepreneurs. Slow down! Slow both your body and your words. Be prepared with details and specifications. Focus onrepparttar 127182 product, not small talk. Don't takerepparttar 127183 penetrating, demanding questions personally. They really do want to knowrepparttar 127184 subtleties and nuances. Don't let their silences unnerve you. It takes them time to think through buying decisions. They need to be thorough to be right.

By takingrepparttar 127185 time to analyze just which customers and prospective clients give you trouble, which you find difficult, you will be prepared for themrepparttar 127186 next time you want to sell to them. Preparation pays off. Think about who you have difficulty selling. Then spend some time developing a script to use with them. Practice words that start where they are, and lead them to a closed sale.

Then, when you recognize one of your difficult prospects, take a deep breath, reassure yourself you know what to do, and put into action your preparation and practice.

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