10 Tips on the Right Time of Day for Your Personal Best

Written by Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

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Stress We can't live without stress - but, what we need isrepparttar right type of stress in repparttar 141494 proper quantity and atrepparttar 141495 right time. When mental (adrenal) skills are high sensory sensitivity is low and vice versa. We were designed to concentrate on repparttar 141496 physical orrepparttar 141497 mental - but not to peak perform in both atrepparttar 141498 same time.

Stress causes our internal rhythms to lose synchronicity. It subverts our natural circadian rhythms into a dis-ease progression which affects sleep, eating and all functions.

A full stress response isrepparttar 141499 same as if you were physically wounded and losing blood. This in turn breaks downrepparttar 141500 immune system and leads to weakness to new diseases as well as injuries healing more slowly.

Physical stressors include temperature, sound, vibration, movement and humidity.

Physiological stressors include sleep disturbance, irregular eating, alcohol and nicotine (depressants) and caffeine (stimulant).

Psychological stressors: fear, frustration, social and work or business pressure.

Generally adults operate in ninety minutes activity cycle - while under stressrepparttar 141501 cycle shortens to a one hour cycle (the same as in infancy). The natural activity cycle we are programmed for is made up of 30 minutes rest followed by 60 minutes activity followed by thirty minutes rest.

Being at rest doesn't mean sleeping! It means alternatingrepparttar 141502 kinds of activities you do every day for a little physical and mental variety.

The perfect ten-minute break is to drink a glass of water and walk around inrepparttar 141503 sunlight for ten minutes – wear a hat but, no shades. You want your eyes to pick up light without glare. It is remarkably refreshing to both mind and body.

Did you know an aspirin taken at seven am lasts for 22 hours but, taken at 7 pm it lasts only 17 hours? Here's why.

Our mental abilities and physical functions coordinate with our body temperature which goes through a daily cycle of warming up inrepparttar 141504 morning and cooling down at night.

No matter what time it is,repparttar 141505 colder you arerepparttar 141506 slower your senses function. Our ability to multiply quickly and accurately varies directly with body temperature, too. This is one ofrepparttar 141507 reasons why cold is a strong stress factor.

Around 4 AM we settle into our lowest body temperature andrepparttar 141508 pituitary and adrenal glands start sending out wake up hormones. Our temperature begins to gradually rise until awakening around 5 AM - 7 AM.

This also gives your bodyrepparttar 141509 opportunity to dischargerepparttar 141510 chemicals that keep you paralyzed during dream state (so you don't hurt yourself). Then, you can get up and move about without stubbing all ten toes.

You can trade in your morning cup of coffee for a quick warm shower because it wakes you up by increasing your body temperature, blood circulation and your breathing rate deepens.

Both men and women's hormones flow more quickly as body temperature rises and peaks out around mid-morning.

Mornings Memory works best up til approximately noon. So for most any kind of testing mornings are best.

11AM body temperature reaches its daily plateau and remains with slight variation throughoutrepparttar 141511 day.

Midday mental skills both speed and accuracy in mathematics and cognitive projects peaks out in early afternoon and then gradually declines throughrepparttar 141512 afternoon.

After lunch performance level dips along with a slight temperature drop while digesting.

Heavier meals (high fat, more than 4 ounces of meat, etc.)repparttar 141513 more physical lethargy and deeper loss of mental focus. Plus,repparttar 141514 longer it takes our after- lunch fade to lift because digesting uses oxygen that would otherwise be available for brain functions.

Afternoons Oncerepparttar 141515 body has reached it's daily temperature of 98.6 degrees, motor skills remain steady throughoutrepparttar 141516 day with mechanical skills peaking inrepparttar 141517 afternoon.

All five senses (seeing hearing, feeling, touching, tasting) peak inrepparttar 141518 afternoon as well. This is one reason why an enjoyable spicy dinner tends to be an unappetizing breakfast.

Pain sensitivity takes until mid-morning to reach its daily peak and is highest between 10am and 6pm. Then, our pain threshold falls off after dinner meal and intorepparttar 141519 night.

So by late afternoon our abilities have peaked and our temperature begins to drop at night before we sleep. This is especially true after 10PM. Then, it's "good morning", andrepparttar 141520 cycle starts over again!

You'll only find out if it makes a difference in your performance to align your activities withrepparttar 141521 time if you try it out and noticerepparttar 141522 improvement!

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Rise, Knight...Slay The Dragons In Your Path...Then Claim The Golden Crown

Written by Gabriel Daniels

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Letrepparttar glowing crown (your dream) inrepparttar 141415 distance inspire you to persist with courage and determination.

And when each dragon tries to breathe fire on you, simply use your shield to protect yourself. Imagine yourself being invincible as you continue to walk towardsrepparttar 141416 brightly shining crown. Even though you feel intense heat all around you because ofrepparttar 141417 fire coming fromrepparttar 141418 dragons, it doesn't bother you or make you retreat. You simply keep moving forward...withrepparttar 141419 confidence and conviction that nothing can get in your way.

Remember, you are a knight with absolute courage and unshakeable resolve. You are determined to get what you want...and absolutely nothing can stop you! In fact, nothing will stop you! The golden crown is as good as yours.

(Tip: As each dragon comes before you, you can label/name each one as a particular fear you may have. For example, as you look atrepparttar 141420 dragon before you, you can say, “Come on, rejection, let's see what you've got.” Then without hesitation, strikerepparttar 141421 dragon with a quick swing of your sword...“POOF”...smithereens...like it was nothing. Or if a voice keeps playing in your head, telling you that you won't succeed because you're simply not good enough, bravely meetrepparttar 141422 dragon flying towards you and say, “You think you can stop me, negative critic? Well, you're wrong! Take this!” Then drive your sword intorepparttar 141423 dragon's body...“POOF”...smithereens. And continue to do this with each of your fears.)

Then after you've slain allrepparttar 141424 dragons, walk up torepparttar 141425 golden crown and reach for it. Claim it. Hold it proudly with both hands and place it firmly on your head...knowing you deserve it. And as you do that, smile and experiencerepparttar 141426 great feeling of victory.

Do this regularly or whenever you find all kinds of doubts, fears, worries, etc., creeping in. Then you will notice a difference in your attitude towards them...inrepparttar 141427 real world. You will feel like nothing can get in your way as you pursue your dreams.

So, now, I say to you, “Rise, knight. Slayrepparttar 141428 dragons in your path. Then claimrepparttar 141429 golden crown.”

Gabriel Daniels publishes Confidence & Courage Tips...To Help You Realize Your Dreams. For tips, strategies, stories, quotes, and more...to inspire and empower you to take action...so you can get what you want out of life, visit his website at: http://confidencetips.blogspot.com (For article reprint details, please check the website's License Information section.)

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