10 Tips for Setting up A Home Office

Written by June Campbell

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Communicate Efficiently So, your best client phones with a big order but he can't get through because your kid is onrepparttar Internet!

If you're sharing a home with other people, you need a separate phone line and Internet hookup for your office. If you spend much time onrepparttar 117772 Internet yourself, a direct connection like cable or DSL is very, very helpful.

Make it Safe! When you work from home, you don't have a Workplace Health & Safety Committee looking out for your best interests. Learn about workplace ergonomics and take it seriously. Having to shut down your Internet business because of carpal tunnel syndrome isn't a good business plan.

Remember your eyes. If you're onrepparttar 117773 computer for long hours, get a glare-resistant screen forrepparttar 117774 monitor, or ask your optometrist about glare resistant eye-glasses.

You'll need to position your monitor so sunlight doesn't shine on it directly. If this can't be arranged easily, be creative about finding a way to blockrepparttar 117775 sun. An artist's easel holding a large poster or chart is one approach.

Light It! The best lighting is lighting that allows you to see what you are doing without strain to your eyes. Many find that incandescent lighting is easier onrepparttar 117776 eyes than fluorescent lighting or cool lighting.

Deduct It! You'll want to check with your taxation department, but in many countries, some aspects of a home office are tax deductible. In Canada, for example, you can deduct a portion of home expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) for your home office. BUT your office must be separate fromrepparttar 117777 rest ofrepparttar 117778 house and used only for business purposes. Find out what's deductible before you file your taxes.

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Snow Birds

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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While free advertising has its place, it cannot berepparttar only method you use. The old saying "that you have to spend a buck to make a buck" is equally true onrepparttar 117771 Internet. Consider placing your ad inrepparttar 117772 ezines or newsletters that have a high repeat rate with their advertisers.

Your ad headline and copy are critical to your success. Don't userepparttar 117773 copy supplied byrepparttar 117774 affiliate program, as many people use them, and those ads get tired very quickly. If necessary, get some professional help in writing your ad. A good ad will pull - a bad or tired ad won't.

Target your ads toward those you think will become a prospect. Millions of ads sent out as unsolicited email (spam) will do little if any good. A well constructed ad in an ezine, targeted torepparttar 117775 proper audience, even if they only have a few thousand subscribers, will out pullrepparttar 117776 spam.

Something as simplistic as being a Amazon.com affiliate can generate income. If you are an expert in your field, and get recognized as one, an affiliate program with Amazon might berepparttar 117777 way to go. You may not become wealthy overnight, but as your exposure grows, so will your income.

If you don't have your own web site, forget about it. That's like a merchant without a store trying to do business out ofrepparttar 117778 back of their car. The cost of web space is so low today, that you can't afford not to have one.

If you are a "Snow Bird" or simply someone wishing to supplement their income, you can achieve success onrepparttar 117779 web. But it does take work and some common sense. If you don't, it just may be your business that "went south".

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