10 Tips for Choosing a Rental Cottage for a Great Waterfront Vacation

Written by Joyce Shannahan

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4.Identify your first, second and third choice of dates for rentingrepparttar cottage. With several dates, you’ll save time when making arrangements.

If you find a cottage that you really want and you have some flexibility in scheduling, having alternate dates ready allows you to book right then, saving yourselfrepparttar 141135 time and hassle of having to re-check everyone’s schedule and call back – and risking losing those dates inrepparttar 141136 interim.

5.Callrepparttar 141137 telephone numbers forrepparttar 141138 vacation cottages that seem to meet your needs and speak directly with eitherrepparttar 141139 owners orrepparttar 141140 person who is handlingrepparttar 141141 property.

Be prepared with a list of questions. This allows you to compare apples to apples, and keeps you from forgetting something important duringrepparttar 141142 conversation.

It also gives you a feel forrepparttar 141143 person who will be your contact should you rentrepparttar 141144 cottage and then encounter a problem. If you don’t get a warm, friendly welcome to your inquiries, don’t expect anything different when you call with a problem.

6.Ask what amenities are included. You may learn of something that’s not on your list but is perfect for your plans.

Other things to consider: Is there a welcome basket? Willrepparttar 141145 owner stockrepparttar 141146 refrigerator for you, before your arrival? Is a newspaper delivered? Can you make arrangements to receive mail? Are there plates, utensils, pots, pans and other essentials for eating and meal preparation – or will you have to bring your own?

7.Inquire about restaurants, events and activities and other forms of local entertainment that are close by, perhaps within walking distance. Here’s where your list of preferred activities comes in handy. You should be able to find links to local attractions, calendars and restaurants onrepparttar 141147 website of your vacation cottage rental.

8.Arerepparttar 141148 owners Local? Do they live nearby? Local owners are a wealth of information aboutrepparttar 141149 area and can give you tips on great out-of-the-way places that aren’t inrepparttar 141150 guidebooks. They also care about your enjoyment and comfort while at their cottage.

This can make a huge difference; especially should something need immediate attention inrepparttar 141151 cottage. There’s nothing worse than callingrepparttar 141152 rental company about a stopped-up toilet and getting somebody’s bored teenager who’s manningrepparttar 141153 phones forrepparttar 141154 summer.

9.How long hasrepparttar 141155 owner been renting vacation cottages? Ifrepparttar 141156 owner has worked with rental properties, they know what tenants expect and how to get things done.

If this is a new venture, beware. The owner may be in it for “fun” and have no idea how to preparerepparttar 141157 cottage so that you can have a great vacation.

10.And last, when you look atrepparttar 141158 pictures, can you see yourself having a great time there?

Ifrepparttar 141159 pictures make you want to go right now, andrepparttar 141160 answers torepparttar 141161 questions above meet your satisfaction, you’ve found yourself a cottage for a great waterfront vacation rental!

Joyce Shannahan and husband Duke have been in real estate for many years. They are gourmet cooks, great hosts and know how to make guests feel welcome. Heartsworth Cottage, their waterfront vacation cottage rental in the waterfront town of Onancock, Virginia, is on the water with dock, tri-level deck, gas grill, and is filled with the comforts of home, including a bountiful welcome basket with wine. Visit them at http://www.onancockcottage.com

Review: Dessert Shell Jacket

Written by Alyice Edrich

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The Desert Shell™ is a lightweight jacket made of organic cotton and hemp, which makes itrepparttar perfect choice for naturalists and busy parents looking for a product that can stand up to various conditions. Every part ofrepparttar 141037 Desert Shell™ was designed to keep it’s wearer from getting overheated: fromrepparttar 141038 oversized feel torepparttar 141039 ability to allow air to flow through every aspect ofrepparttar 141040 jacket torepparttar 141041 mesh stripes.

Andrepparttar 141042 pockets are wonderful! There’s a Velcro pocket for a cell phone and another one for identification purposes (i.e. small wallet, membership id when traveling inrepparttar 141043 mountains, or passport). There are two oversized pockets which are great for carrying maps, a water bottle, snacks, and even child paraphernalia. And inside both oversized pockets are two small pockets perfect for holding change and keys.

If you’re looking for a way to shield yourself fromrepparttar 141044 hot summer sun, while keeping cool, you’ll want to check out The Desert Shell™.

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer specializing in helping busy parents balance life. Visit her online for free information on how she can help you succeed, today. http://thedabblingmum.com

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