10 Tips To Help You Create Your Own Money Making Affiliate Program

Written by Ken Hill

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7. Publish a newsletter for your affiliates that gives them tips on how to best promote your products, tells them of any sales or promotions you have running, and that reminds them ofrepparttar resources you've provided for them to promote your products.

8. Increase your top affiliates productivity by paying them a higher commission for their referrals based on their performance, and by giving them special recognition on your site or in your affiliate newsletter.

Giving your affiliates special recognition in your newsletter can also serve to teach your newer affiliates how to successfully promote your products, as well as show them by example thatrepparttar 102477 tools you've given them do work effectively.

9. If you write articles, let your affiliates publish them in their ezines or on their websites with their affiliate URL in your resource box.

This can be an excellent way for your affiliates to earn commissions promoting your products through your resource box while also further building up credibility for you and your business.

10. To increaserepparttar 102478 number of affiliates that consistently use your articles to promote your products, create a mailing list (in addition to your affiliate newsletter) that your affiliates can subscribe to that tells them when you've written new articles that they can use to promote your services.

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Taking It Personally

Written by Ryan Hamner

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All of my successful email marketing campaigns have one thing in common, and that is that they are all personal. I speak directly to my reader with simplicity. I don't design an ad that reads like a geometry book. It reads likerepparttar reader is a friend. I even go as far as using humor, or maybe my ad is so horrible that some find it to be humorous! So, maybe you are thinking that your topic is too technical to be discussed in simple terms and on a personal level. Well, a great success story of "techie talk" taken down torepparttar 102476 "not so techie" personal level isrepparttar 102477 series of books For Dummies. I mean you can get almost any subject, no matter how technical, in these books that talk directly to you and simplify very technical topics. Why have these books become so popular? Well, let's face it-most people are not experts! So, inrepparttar 102478 future, as you develop and design your content, for whatever it may be, you might want to consider making it personal. Talk to your readers. Remember: comfort, simplicity, trust, relationship, customer!

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