10 Tips On Cutting Plywood Correctly

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

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7. Backing Panel – Attach a backing panel with strong double stick tape. The backer board will takerepparttar brunt ofrepparttar 143786 damage.

8. Use a Router – A router fitted with a straight bit will cut a clean line. A pilot bit and straight edge will help provide a clean line.

9. Score with a Utility Knife – Scorerepparttar 143787 cut line with a utility knife.

10. Buy a Panel Scoring Setup – Some saws can be fitted with a plywood panel scoring setup and are ideal if you have to cut a lot of plywood. The setup consists of a smaller blade that scoresrepparttar 143788 surface ofrepparttar 143789 plywood before it reachesrepparttar 143790 cutter.

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Building a pair of heavy duty saw horses

Written by Dave Markel

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Positionrepparttar 3/8" plywood braces onrepparttar 143612 outside face ofrepparttar 143613 legs butting intorepparttar 143614 the bottom face ofrepparttar 143615 main stretcher. Scriberepparttar 143616 angle ontorepparttar 143617 braces with your pencil and cut. Apply some glue torepparttar 143618 outside ofrepparttar 143619 legs and securerepparttar 143620 braces with 6 screws, three into each leg.

Now draw 2 lines downrepparttar 143621 length of each top step, offset 3/4" from center. Countersink 5 holes, 3/4" deep in each step. Alternaterepparttar 143622 holes on each side of center. Positionrepparttar 143623 top ontorepparttar 143624 stretcher flush withrepparttar 143625 ends. Secure with screws only.

Finally securerepparttar 143626 lower step midway uprepparttar 143627 leg using screws & adhesive.

That's all there is to it. These saw horses will easily takerepparttar 143628 load of a lift of plywood or studs. Plusrepparttar 143629 make a great scaffold. Space about 8' apart and secure a 2 x 10 between them.

Get more information including material and tool list and photos of these saw horses at www.all-wood-working-plans.com/heavy-duty-saw-horse.html. Read more articles at www.all-wood-working-plans.com/wood-working-articles.html

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