10 Tips For Promoting Through Ezine Articles

Written by Michael Southon

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(B) Publishing Your Ezine Articles:

(6) There are two ways of getting your articles published: 'Individual Submissions' and 'General Distribution'.

'General Distribution' will get your article in front of many more readers, per unit of effort expended, than 'Individual Submission', and I suggest you use this method before making Individual Submissions.

There are basically two kinds of 'General Distribution': Announcement Lists and websites.

Here are some Article Announcement Lists:

article_announce-subscribe@egroups.com free-content-subscribe@onelist.com publishinyours-subscribe@onelist.com articles_archives-subscribe@egroups.com

Here are some Websites that provide Free Content to Ezine Publishers: http://www.ezinearticles.com/ http://www.ideamarketers.com/ http://www.isyndicate.com/ http://www.mediapeak.com http://www.MakingProfit.com/articles/ http://www.web-source.net/articlesub.htm

(7) Once you've used these 'General Distribution' techniques, then submit your article to individual Ezines.

However, before making individual submissions, find out (a) ifrepparttar Ezine Publisher accepts article submissions, (b) whatrepparttar 129426 Publisher's guidelines are for article submissions.

My free Ezine Directory gives you this information, 'The Free Directory of Ezines':


I have also produced an eBook called 'Get Published! The Directory of Ezines that accept Article Submissions' and you can download it free at:


(8) Format your article to 65 characters per line and make sure it contains no spelling mistakes. Withrepparttar 129427 availability of spell-checkers there's really no excuse for spelling mistakes. If your article does contain spelling mistakes, many Publishers will just discard your article.

(9) Don't submit articles torepparttar 129428 same Ezine Publisher more than once a month.

(10) Addressrepparttar 129429 Ezine Publisher personally, and make sure thatrepparttar 129430 message accompanying your article is very courteous - you're askingrepparttar 129431 Publisher to read your article and give you some of her valuable time and she probably gets dozens of article submissions a week.

Every success to you!

(c) 2000, by Michael Southon

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How To Write Articles That Get Read

Written by Ken Hill

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When writing your article keep your article focused and torepparttar point, and just like with an article that presents a list of tips, numberrepparttar 129424 steps in your article to make your article easier to read and to keep it nicely organized.

7. Proofread your articles.

Before you submit your article for publication spell check your article, and go over your article for words you might have omitted or typed twice, as well as words you may have misused such as using "there" instead of "their."

8. Ask a question to spark your readers interest.

Use a question asrepparttar 129425 title of your article to entice people to read your article, or ask a question within your article to effectively keep your readers focused on your article.

9. Edit and re-edit your article.

Even after you feel you are done with your article it's a good idea to leave your article for a day or two and then come back to it.

The changes you make to your article after seeing it in a new light, will often berepparttar 129426 difference between a good article and a great article.

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