10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Written by Louise Louis

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7. Are you prepared forrepparttar costs of dog ownership? The bare minimum estimate for dog ownership is $1 a day.

8. Can you acquire pet insurance? Many companies offer group rates to their employees and retirees.

9. Would being a "foster" owner satisfy your need for canine companionship? Even if you don't want to take a dog into your home, shelters always need people who can walk and play withrepparttar 116335 dogs or provide temporary housing.

10. Finally, have you considered what happens to your dog if you can't care for him? Toy breeds often live 15-years or longer. Be sure to include instructions in your will on how your pet should be placed.

With a little forethought and planning, you can selectrepparttar 116336 right breed of dog for your lifestyle and enjoy many happy years together.

Former dog breed and all-round dog person, Louise Louis now operates a website, toybreeds.com dedicated to helping people select the best small dog breed for their lifestyle.

Turquoise: The Native Stone

Written by Tony DiCorpo

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Turquoise can come in a variety of grades. The high end is harder and not very porous, and also more expensive. The lower end is soft and fairly, if not almost totally porous. This can causerepparttar stone, over time to absorb oils and grease, mainly from human touch. The more porous stones are normally apt to changing color with skin oils and actually makerepparttar 116334 turquoise change to a beautiful conglomeration of colors. However, some like to prevent this so a treatment called stabilizing is performed. It’s actually quite simple becauserepparttar 116335 stone is merely soaked in or sprayed with a liquid plastic-polymer material and then allowed to dry. This plastic when hardened sealsrepparttar 116336 pores and prevents oils and grease from affectingrepparttar 116337 stone. Stabilizing also deepensrepparttar 116338 color makingrepparttar 116339 low-end turquoise look high-end. In actuality, all natural stones (untreated or unstabilized) are porous to some degree and are apt to change colors due to human handling and normal wear. As with what is known as “natural” turquoise, no coating or alteration is added torepparttar 116340 stone. Each stone is cut or faceted and then polished for use or sale, as with any “natural” stone. And so, turquoise as we all know it is still very much alive and being used in many original and imaginative ways. It’s best and often seen in jewelry pieces pared with sterling silver. Ah, what a classy yet laid-back look!

This article may be reprinted and/or republished provided it is not altered in any way, and proper credit is given torepparttar 116341 author.

Tony DiCorpo is a jewelry designer based in Austin, TX. He is co-owner of www.beadartsandmore.com, an internet-based store that sells original, handcrafted beaded and gemstone beaded jewelry and other designs. beadartsandmore.com publishes a monthly newsletter titled, “The Bead Reader”. Subscribe today by sending a request to newsletter@beadartsandmore.com. Tony can be reached via email at tony@beadartsandmore.com.

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