10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business!

Written by BB Lee

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5.I Need A Staff That's right! A staff would be great. But inrepparttar beginning you will not haverepparttar 116964 money to hire a full time staff to handle allrepparttar 116965 mundane task that must be completed. You will handle answering telephone calls, developing sales strategy, marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, PR work, and typical office functions.

6. Camaraderie You will missrepparttar 116966 friendship connection. Work isrepparttar 116967 place where many people make long time friends, associates, and even network uprepparttar 116968 success ladder.

7. Too Many Distractions The television is a step away. The stereo is nearby, telephone constantly ringing, family problems, all interrupting your busy day.

8. No Benefits You will lose work related medical coverage, insurance, pension plans to name a few.

9. No Regular Paycheck You might struggle for months, even years before you have a steady income. Is starting a business really worth giving up that regular paycheck?

10.You Are The Boss! You make allrepparttar 116969 important decisions. All problems rest on your shoulders and it will be impossible to leave work related problems atrepparttar 116970 office becauserepparttar 116971 office is in your home!

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Want to Work from Home? Ever Given a Thought to Telecommuting?

Written by Vishal P. Rao

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4. Less distraction equals more work.

It's no secret that oftenrepparttar hardest place to work is at repparttar 116963 office. There is a world of distractions there ranging from ringing telephones to chatty co-workers. Even telecommuting part ofrepparttar 116964 time can reduce these distractions and make work more efficient. And if everyone comes torepparttar 116965 office at least one common day a week, meetings and review sessions can be held on this day andrepparttar 116966 rest ofrepparttar 116967 week left for more intense work.

There are some challenges to telecommuting for both employees and their companies, but if you really want to telecommute most of these can be handled with a few simple strategies:

1. Communicate.

If your employer feels face-to-face communication is important for your business, suggest that all ofrepparttar 116968 employees come torepparttar 116969 office on at least one common day a week. Meetings can be held on these days, and you can go over what you've accomplished while on your telecommuting days.

2. Set and track goals and progress.

One ofrepparttar 116970 biggest fears of employers when it comes torepparttar 116971 idea of telecommuting is that they don't have any way to monitor whatrepparttar 116972 employee is doing throughrepparttar 116973 workday. It takes a lot of trust to assume an employee is hard at work when they are out ofrepparttar 116974 boss's sights. Help eliminate this concern by coming up with ways to track and share your progress. This will also help you make sure you are making repparttar 116975 most of your opportunity while still fulfilling your work responsibilities.

3. Delineate between your workspace and your personal space.

It's just good practice to have a spot designated for your work. Even if it isrepparttar 116976 kitchen table, set yourself up inrepparttar 116977 morning and pack your things back up inrepparttar 116978 evening when work time is finished. This will help you stay on track when working, and not be tempted to work when it is your personal time. It will also serve as an indicator to your family of when you are working and preferably not to be disturbed.

If you are looking for more information on telecommuting, such as how to approach your boss withrepparttar 116979 idea, you can contact The American Telecommuting Association for some more information. They sell some booklets on telecommuting topics, but their site (http://www.knowledgetree.com/ata.html) also has free information available.

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