10 Things To Do Before Buying A Novel

Written by Jill Brennan

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6. Look atrepparttar size ofrepparttar 149487 book. I know this isnít something forrepparttar 149488 purists but if you donít get time to read many novels, donít launch back in with a 700 page tome or it will probably take you all year and then youíll be frustrated and annoyed at wasting time and money on something you havenít enjoyed.

7. The next step is crucial. Readrepparttar 149489 opening Ė does it get you in straight off? Novels have a bit more time to seduce you than a short story but not much these days. A good opening is like someone placing a thread around your finger and gently tugging on it. Theyíve got you but can they keep you?

8. Hasrepparttar 149490 author mentioned 10 characters and 5 different place names inrepparttar 149491 first 3 paragraphs? You want to be captivated not confused, remember? If your main reading time is before you drop off to sleep, books that have lots of characters and places or even a family tree atrepparttar 149492 beginning are a warning that it gets complicated and you need to keep track of who is who and what theyíre up to.

9. Are there lots of long sentences or are they short and sharp? Lots of short sentences usually mean action and pace. Something. Is happening. Right now. Usually itís best to go for a story with a combination of both Ė one that suits your preferred action/background information mix.

10. If you still thinkrepparttar 149493 book in your hands is worthy, randomly flip openrepparttar 149494 book in 5 places and see whether it is densely packed with text. Is there dialogue at each page you stop? No dialogue usually means that a book is more descriptive rather than direct scenes. If you want a compelling read then go for something with a fair amount of dialogue; if you donít mind a slower pace then bits of dialogue here and there is probably enough to keep you going.

If it all stacks up, buy it and enjoy. Just one more tip though. If it doesnít captivate you inrepparttar 149495 first 100 pages and you find reading it a chore, give it up. Donít keep persisting just because you donít like leaving things unfinished. The book wonít feel hurt if you donít finish it. Andrepparttar 149496 author will never know.

Jill Brennan, an experienced writer, editor and mother of 2 young boys, created espresso Fiction to help time-poor fiction lovers get a regular hit of quality fiction that they could read in 15 minutes or less and still feel satisfied. To learn more about getting great fiction home delivered, go to http://www.fastfoodforyourmind.com

Making Your Own Music For Your Movies

Written by Fred Ost

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There is also a seemingly endless list of plug-ins and effect that you can use to customizerepparttar loops in an infinite number of ways. From adding echos to distortions you can really engineerrepparttar 149442 sounds torepparttar 149443 style your looking to achieve. The software also supports surround sound editing for video so I'm really only doingrepparttar 149444 software some basic justice here.

The company offers a variety of additional loop libraries plus a large amount from other vendors which can all be mixed and matched to createrepparttar 149445 sound your looking for. There are loops from many different styles. Blues, Hip Hop, Techno, Jazz, Drumsrepparttar 149446 list is quite comprehensive.

If you're already recording music into your computer on your own with a keyboard or what have you, it can also be dropped in there along with just about any other sound you can get into your computer. For example I've taken background sounds that I've recorded onto mini disc like running water andrepparttar 149447 sounds of people dining at a local eatery and mixed it with music that I've created with Acid 4.0. There's a ton of benefits in there forrepparttar 149448 indie movie maker and musician alike.

Fred Ost is a writer, copy writer, web designer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder and staff writer of the free independent artits community at http://www.scptv.net

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