10 Things To Consider Before Planning And Installing A New Bathroom

Written by Bridget Mwape

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6. Build in utilities such as heating, ventilation and lighting. These are important to ensure that your bathroom has enough light and works efficiently.

7. Make provisions for future plumbing and allow for access to potential trouble spots such asrepparttar shower pump and boxed-in toilet cisterns. If possible, fit removable panels instead of sealing these utilities behind fixed walls.

8. Find out exactly what sort of fittings you require and whether they will be suitable forrepparttar 145712 intended location.

9. Think about your style preferences in terms ofrepparttar 145713 fit and flow withrepparttar 145714 rest ofrepparttar 145715 house. There are products to meet most requirements or designs. Considerrepparttar 145716 trade off between price and good quality, and look out for longer warranties and guarantees.

10. Consider traffic patterns in terms of how many people will be usingrepparttar 145717 bathroom and how often. Also, if people of varying ages userepparttar 145718 bathroom, you may need to choose fittings that cater for different age groups in your household such as a slide shower so you can adjustrepparttar 145719 height ofrepparttar 145720 spray.

Taking time to plan ahead can help to translate your ideas into reality and ensure that you end up with your ideal bathroom.

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5 Steps to Protecting Your Hardwood Floor From Disaster

Written by Michael Nelson

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4. Use floor mats in spots where people step onrepparttar hardwood directly after being outside. In addition to protecting against wet or muddy footprints, floor mats will help collect any sharp or abrasive materials stuck inrepparttar 145642 treads of shoes. This step will help prevent accidental scraping or scratching.

5. Use felt pads when moving furniture. Or better yet, liftrepparttar 145643 furniture offrepparttar 145644 ground instead of sliding it across your hardwood floor. If felt pads must be used, please make sure that they are free of any debris. Even if a tiny little object like a staple is under that pad when heavy furniture is set upon it, your floor could receive some serious gouges.

These steps will help ensure that your home retains its value by protecting your hardwood floors against major damage.

Accidents do happen, however, no matter how careful you are. If your floor becomes damaged, contactrepparttar 145645 manufacturer orrepparttar 145646 installer for advice.

Michael Nelson is a freelance author and lifelong carpenter. You can read more about hardwood flooring at http://www.hardwoodflooringspot.info

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