10 Things Between You and A Great Life

Written by Kathy Gates

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6. Accepting Energy Drainers: Everyday crisis and problems ARE NOT "justrepparttar way it is". Choose to put life on your schedule. Make a conscious choice to simplify your tasks, organize your environment, and set up your life to support how you want to live.

7. Complaining Instead Of Asking: You will only get as much as you ask for. Complaining is passive, not active. Choose to consciously educate people on what you need by making a request instead of complaining.

8. Low Reserves: Without reserves to back you up, you will make decisions based on your LACK.lack of money, lack of time, lack of energy. And that will cause you to make mistakes, and miss opportunities. Systematically eliminate things from your life until you have a built-in reserve of time and money; then build from there.

9. Hiding your weakness: Let your weakness help you be more truthful. Educate people. "I'm really impatient; please let me know if I skip over something you don't understand." "I'm not good with secrets; please don't tell me anything that you don't want me to repeat."

10. Wishing Instead of Planning: START! Do something! If you just sit around *wishing* that things would be better, it's not likely that they ever will be. As my mother used to say, "wish in one hand, pour peas inrepparttar 123919 other.see which fills up faster." Create a plan, and get into action.

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach who believes that "Life Rewards Action", and author of "7 SECRETS for a Great Life" ebook. Visit www.reallifecoach.com, email kathy@reallifecoach.com, or call 480.998.5843

Christopher Columbus: What do You Think of That?

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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2. He continued to hone his craft as he pursued his dream. He did not stay still in his skills. Instead, he continued to march forward growing and tweaking and marveling as he mastered navigation, leadership and dreaming as large and wide as possible.

3. Once he made his initial voyage, he returned to his place of discovery and branched out. His original intention was NOT to discover a new continent, AND he did not make his discovery wrong! Instead, he returned and looked forrepparttar lesson there. I have yet to call Columbus a "failure" though if one were to look at his original "goal" andrepparttar 123918 "outcome realized"repparttar 123919 failure label might be appropriate. This is a great example of finding "other" right answers or right ways.

4. When life throws curve balls, embrace them. Learn from them. Expect anything and refocus accordingly instead of retreating and decidingrepparttar 123920 straight way isrepparttar 123921 only way. This is a fact throughout Columbus' life and beyond. It is still a mystery as to where his remains are for eternity. Some say they are inrepparttar 123922 Caribbean and some say Spain. And does it really matter? No. What matters isrepparttar 123923 impact ofrepparttar 123924 life as it is lived.

5. Listen torepparttar 123925 quiet voice within. Spend time in contemplation. Columbus spent time in a Franciscan monastery. With his flowing red tresses and statueque form, I am sure he lookedrepparttar 123926 part in his religious garb. More importantly, he did not only LOOKrepparttar 123927 part, he LIVEDrepparttar 123928 part. His discoveries were not based solely in ego. His discoveries were fueled byrepparttar 123929 Spiritual. Didrepparttar 123930 path devolve later on? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The lesson remainsrepparttar 123931 same: listen and act uponrepparttar 123932 messages you hear.

Henry David Thoreau reminded his generation to open to new channels of ' thought as Columbus did. Today, continue this path and also open yourself to new possibilities in passion. We can learn fromrepparttar 123933 lessons ofrepparttar 123934 man sometimes called "The Navigator". As we maneuver our ever brightening life, may we relentlessly pursue our dream. May we continue to hone our craft. May we never make ourselves or others around us wrong, may we embrace life's curve balls and may we make it a practice to listen torepparttar 123935 quiet voice within.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Success Coach, Writer, Speaker, Radio Host and Mom Extraordinaire who inspires people worldwide to live more passionate lives through her personal and group coaching, teleclasses, seminars and free ezines. Subscribe to DailyPassionActivator now via email: mailto:DailyPassionActivator-subscribe@Yahoogroups.com or via web http://www.5passions.com/subpage.html

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