10 Super Ways To Promote Your Web Site Offline!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Have some jackets printed with your web site address and other business information. Give them away to family and friends. When it's too cold for t-shirts, you can wear jackets.

8. Have some duffle bags made with your web site address and other business information. Give them to family and friends as gifts or use them when you travel.

9. Have some pens imprinted with your web site address and other business information. When you are done filling out your check or signing receipts leave it there forrepparttar next person to use or keep.

10. Have some mugs imprinted with your web site address and other business information. Use them when you have company or give them away to friends and family as gifts.

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How to Get On Talk Radio and Reach Thousands for FREE!

Written by Kevin Nunley

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If your topic relates to something already inrepparttar news, hooray for you! Pass GO and collect $200. The media LOVE to find a local expert who can give a local angle on a national news headline. Make sure you point out your connection withrepparttar 124474 news when you callrepparttar 124475 station.

What should you worry about when you go onrepparttar 124476 air? Joe Shafran, who has helped thousands of people get on talk shows, says to go torepparttar 124477 bathroom and get a drink of water. Other than that, don't worry. Talk show hosts are nice professionals who will help walk you through your visit. Relax and speak clearly... and don't forget to mention your phone number and web site atrepparttar 124478 end.

After your appearance is over, go home or back to your office and write a thank you note torepparttar 124479 host. Not many people do this and radio folks really appreciate it. A handwritten thank you goes miles toward getting you asked back again and again.

Now that you've masteredrepparttar 124480 local scene, go nationwide! You can find radio stations by searching media for various cities. Also go torepparttar 124481 Radio and Records web site at http://www.rronline.com R&R isrepparttar 124482 main trade publication forrepparttar 124483 radio industry. You can find more links to radio station web sites there.

Call and email stations to set up your appearance. You can do interviews by telephone. Callrepparttar 124484 day before your appearance to remindrepparttar 124485 host or producer. It's also a good idea to call about 15 minutes before your appearance to make sure everything is set. Radio moves very quickly, so it's a good idea to follow up several times to make sure you haven't been forgotten or moved.

Without good, interesting guests, talk radio shuts down. They NEED you. Also consider music morning shows that do a lot of talking. DJs often welcome outrageous or funny guests.

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