10 Successful Strategies To Site Promotion

Written by Rhonda White

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6. Write Articles or Ebooks. You don't have to be a professional writer. Just find some great content, some interesting facts, some helpful hints, etc. Your article does not have to be very long at all. To get better results, write more frequent short articles than just a couple of big long ones now and then. Be sure to include your name and website atrepparttar end. If you offer a newsletter, promote it as well. After you write your article, submit it to as many places as you possibly can. Give permission to others to use your articles as long as they include your name and website address.

7. Start a Newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to generate repeat traffic. It reminds your customer or interested visitors about your site when they receive your newsletter. In your newsletter, be sure to encourage your subscribers to forward your newsletter to a friend. Include information about how they can easily subscribe to your newsletter. Offering your subscribers a chance to win a free gift will often help you receive more signups.

8. Add Content. Content helps get repeat visits to your site. Sites become stale without new content. If you have a site that you can edit, use plenty of good content, especially using keywords thatrepparttar 141724 search engines will pick up particularly targeting your audience that you are marketing too. If you don't have time to do this, there are lots of sites that offer "free content" and "free articles". Just do a search onrepparttar 141725 search engines to locate them. You can use their content for your site instead of trying to write your own content.

9. Partner with Someone. Working at home can begin to seem like a long lonesome journey. Find someone you can connect with and trust. Exchange front page links or banners and help each other promote your businesses. You could even add your partner to your signature. For example, under your name and link place: Partner, Sherry - partnerdomain.com. Have your partner dorepparttar 141726 same for you. Write and promote a newsletter together; manage a networking group together. Partners can encourage each other and makerepparttar 141727 marketing road a little smoother.

10. Read and Learn. Marketing is an endless task that must be done to generate sales. The best tip I can give is to read and learn all you can about marketing and sales. You can do this onrepparttar 141728 internet as well as your local library. Find someone who is successful and get some of their best tips. If possible, set aside at least an hour or two each day promoting your business. Many people makerepparttar 141729 mistake of thinking they can create a website and traffic will automatically arrive. It just doesn't happen. Behind each successful site is a hard worker who labored away to advertise and promote. You can do it too!

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SEO - What You Should Not Do

Written by Endar WS

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3) Hidden texts. Hidden text is text that hasrepparttar same in color with web page's background and this is a part of spam. Many web masters use hidden texts technique to increase keyword density. Indeed, these texts is unreadable by human visitors but, spiders can recognize it.

4) Too much images/flashes. This is another mistakes of building web sites. Many web masters use images and animations in their web site to attract visitors. It does make their web sites dynamic but, search engines can not see even an image on their site. They don't realize that search engines are blind. If inserting an image become so important, use it's alt attribute so search engines robots can readrepparttar 141723 alternative texts. The alt attribute itself have to represent keywords you use.

5) Javascript Like animation, Javascript does make dynamic web site but, search engines cannot recognize it well. So it is need to be avoided.

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