10 Steps to a GREAT Newsletter

Written by Claire Cunningham

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6) Select a Name -- Your “baby” needs a name. Choose something simple and relevant.

7) Develop a Design -- Determine format and length. Then select a simple design – and stick with it.

8) Assignrepparttar Task of Writing -- Designate a good writer, editor and proofreader – people who’ll respect your deadlines and tone.

9) Build Your Audience With Promotion -- There are lots of ways to build internal or external readership. Use them.

10)Keep It Going -- Plan ahead. Maintain your schedule. Be disciplined.

Don’t be afraid to call in help if you need it. Once you startrepparttar 124177 newsletter habit, it’s important to stick with it.

About the author

Claire Cunningham, president of Clairvoyant Communications, Inc., has 20+ years’ experience developing and implementing successful marketing and communications programs. Sign up for Claire’s monthly newsletter, Communique, at http://www.clairvoyantcommunications.com Claire can be reached at 763-479-3499 (Fax: 763-479-2809, e-mail: claire@claircomm.com)

A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Care

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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For to Care isrepparttar Heart to Bear With Spirit to Rise Up Meetingrepparttar 124176 Day Awaiting its Song to Stirrepparttar 124177 Soul Giving its Portions Alongrepparttar 124178 Way.

Look to See what Bringsrepparttar 124179 Day For in Care to Continue on We Do To Breachrepparttar 124180 Tides be they Fair or Grave Giving its Portions Alongrepparttar 124181 Way.

To personalize this word takes very little effort. For our Heart is created to Care, as our Spirits and Souls respond to Care. We can all bring to remembrance when Care reached out to us. Allow its presence to flow again. Move with Care as a Friend and it will lead you. Share with Care and it will replenish You; always providing more to give. For when you enjoy giving Care it will always be there for you too.

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