10 Steps to New Life

Written by Judith Pennington

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5) FOCUS ON YOUR INNER BEING. Bring into your mind exactly what you want and need in your life. If you seek within and find a need for comfort, pray for comfort and it will appear in dreams, solace from others and synchronicity leading torepparttar right person, book or study group. If it is money or a life-partner that you want, then prepare forrepparttar 138726 change that is coming. Since you are shifting physical reality, expect and acceptrepparttar 138727 inevitability of change. See and sense it so that you donít panic inrepparttar 138728 middle ofrepparttar 138729 stream and resist your coming good.

6) SEE THE DIRECTION OF FLOW. Double-check to make sure that you are working in accord with every aspect of your being. Where attention goes, energy flows, so make sure your energetic stream is flowing inrepparttar 138730 direction thatís right for you. Seerepparttar 138731 big picture.

7) BELIEVE WHAT YOU CONCEIVE. Once your desired outcome is firmly in mind, write it down feelingly so that it animatesrepparttar 138732 power of your heart. Be sure that your affirmation is credible. If you write, "Iím in receipt of $5 million right now," your logic will reject this as improbable. If itís money that you want, decide what you need in order to accomplish your goals and declare that this sum is making its way to you. You have to be able to believe what you conceive.

8) CRAFT YOUR WISH. Create symbolic representations of your heartís desire to energize it. You can draw your own images or cut out colorful, vibrant pictures from magazines. Place these images and your written affirmations where you will see them often, such as a bathroom mirror, refrigerator or computer screen, or all three! You could also create a poster of any size and dress it up with glitter, slogans or anything else that appeals to you. The more energy you put into your images and words,repparttar 138733 quicker your results. Desire propels intention, so let your feelings and thoughts empower what you want to manifest, knowing that what you seek is on its way to you.

Some of these manifestation principles are taught in a 12-week course that Iíve taken repeatedly, called "The 4-T Principles of Prosperity," byrepparttar 138734 late, great Unity teacher Stretton Smith. Story is a wonderful source of encouragement in this program, so Iíll share one of my stories with you.

Several years ago, I pasted a big picture of a cruise ship on a poster-board and tapedrepparttar 138735 poster onrepparttar 138736 inside door of my meditation room. Upon moving house, I hung it up onrepparttar 138737 door of my new meditation room, but paid no attention to it and only a few months ago restated my wish to teach on a paid-for cruise. After seeingrepparttar 138738 movie "Whatrepparttar 138739 Bleep Do We Know?!" I went into meditation, wrote three powerful affirmations and voiced them often overrepparttar 138740 past few months.

One of these affirmations was: "My heart is filled with love which pours out of me torepparttar 138741 world and returns in financial rewards and exciting opportunities to heal and be healed." Not only was I soon invited, out ofrepparttar 138742 blue, to lead an Oct. 4-12 Flow of Intuition cruise torepparttar 138743 CaribbeanĖjoin us!Ėas you can see from this newsletter, I suddenly find myself exorcising "ghosts" from my past while, by no coincidence, beginning to heal others through brainwave biofeedback training.

In my affirmation, I asked for exactly what my soul-self wanted and needed, but preferred to be open enough to receive unforeseen possibilities. These arrived quickly as I reinvested energy in them.

9) AMP UP THE VOLTAGE. If you have an open-minded friend, ask him or her to get together with you by phone or in person to support your goals. Itís best for your friend to paraphrase your affirmation with his/her own feelings, as in "I see hundred dollar bills drifting down all around you, and you joyously gathering them up to pay for your shiny new red Toyota." (Be specific, if you need to be.) Or, "I see and feel and know thatrepparttar 138744 perfect partner is awakening to your inner beauty and sensing how to find you right now!" (Be non-specific, if you are able to surrender to divine right order.)

You will be amazed atrepparttar 138745 difference it makes to hear someone else share your dream(s)! Energy moves quickly when two or more are gathered together to manifest good. Gather allrepparttar 138746 supporters you can.

If you and your manifestation partners are open torepparttar 138747 idea of prayer, it certainly helps to call on not just your power of mind, but alsorepparttar 138748 power of Spirit. In this case, you could phrase your affirmation in affirmative prayer: "God rejoices in giving you a shiny new red car so you can travel to that perfect job and your life will be blessed and enriched. You deserve everything good in life, andrepparttar 138749 power of Spirit within you grows stronger moment by moment to attractrepparttar 138750 infinite power of Good."

See howrepparttar 138751 energy amps up when we draw onrepparttar 138752 inter-dimensional energies of Spirit? Ifrepparttar 138753 word God evokes in you images of an angry, vengeful judge with a white beard, your partner can say, "God in you" or "The source of good within you" does this or that. Itís allrepparttar 138754 same. The God-energy doesnít care about names.

10) BE JOYFUL, FAITHFUL AND PATIENT. Once you have amplified your affirmation, be assured that change is on its way. Watch for patterns and events foreshadowing this coming change and be patient as new beginnings take shape. You might get exactly what you asked to manifest, or what comes might be a prelude torepparttar 138755 real thing.

No matter what, expect that your heart, mind and soul are co-creating withrepparttar 138756 power of Love and that this work is already underway. Be grateful, happy and even joyful that this power exists within and all around you, waiting for your love and faith to animate it. You will never be given a stumbling block, only a stepping stone, and each will take you exactly where your soul-self needs and wants to go.

If you find that these energies stir up old thoughts and emotions, just open up, release them and let Love carry away what you no longer need. Do this consciously and repeatedly, if necessary. Remember that you donít have to get wrapped up in past events; you can simply observe them and love yourself forrepparttar 138757 excellent healing work that you are doing.

Happy new beginnings! By courageously moving into your past, you are emerging onrepparttar 138758 other side of it into an exciting new life. You, as Light, enliven and energize us all!

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation andrepparttar 138759 evolution of human consciousness. She isrepparttar 138760 author of The Voice ofrepparttar 138761 Soul, a compelling personal journey into meditative writing andrepparttar 138762 guiding wisdom ofrepparttar 138763 soul. Visit her primary website, www.eaglelife.com, to check for a workshop near you, read excerpts from her book and sign up for her free e-newsletter, "The Still, Small Voice," and subscription e-zine, "OneWorld Spirit," dedicated to art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and global peace.

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. She is the author of a groundbreaking book, "The Voice of the Soul." Visit her website, www.eaglelife.com, to read excerpts from her book, check for a workshop near you and read related articles in her free e-newsletter and subscription e-magazine.

Love Is in the Air: Five Steps into Joyful Abundance

Written by Judith Pennington

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It is easy to do this because we know who we are. We are souls observing our selves and what happens in this earth plane forrepparttar sake of learning. We are not trapped here, but choose to be here. In this sense of choice and freedom rests fearlessness, courage andrepparttar 138725 ability to stay peaceful.

By remaining open-hearted, we stay connected with our soulís infinite wisdom and its creative solutions. We understand how to respondówhat, if anything, to sayóbecause our inner wisdom prompts us. Inrepparttar 138726 silence we are able to listen to, hear, feel, sense and seerepparttar 138727 transcendent perspectives of our open, loving hearts.

Our intuition is an inner knowing of spiritual truth. It expands us beyondrepparttar 138728 ordinary thinking mind intorepparttar 138729 transcendent sixth-sense perspectives of inner knowing, feeling, sensing, hearing and seeing. Going deeper within our souls, we observe that any and all negative thoughts are erased from our minds and replaced by a clear sense of direction. Atrepparttar 138730 same time,repparttar 138731 Light heals physical discomfort, pain, stress and fatigue.

STEP 3. Sometimes our hearts are opened by another personís kindly word, smile or touch, as with my friend David. Sometimesrepparttar 138732 opening occurs during a walk inrepparttar 138733 woods, as nature delights us and pointsrepparttar 138734 way home.

But what if someone is yelling at or demeaning us in some way that causes pain?

We can ask that person to please calm down so that we may listen better to what he or she has to say. Ifrepparttar 138735 person does so and we wish to listen, but nevertheless begin to lose our peace, we can draw our full attention torepparttar 138736 heart and centerrepparttar 138737 busy mind inrepparttar 138738 heart.

The energy ofrepparttar 138739 heart will relax our thinking. We can open torepparttar 138740 heartís love and ask forrepparttar 138741 OneMind to help us flow into Love, so that this light circulates into every atom and cell of our bodies. Be assured that it will. This heart-centering will help us listen better torepparttar 138742 other person and return love. Byrepparttar 138743 law of magnetic resonance,repparttar 138744 other person will attune to our energies and grow more loving.

This has been proved in experiments conducted by The Mind-Life Institute in cooperation withrepparttar 138745 Dalai Lama,repparttar 138746 spiritual leader of Tibet. A Buddhist monk and veteran, 30-year meditator was placed in a room with a professor outraged byrepparttar 138747 idea of reincarnation. The man beratedrepparttar 138748 monk loudly and to no avail. The monk listened placidly and did not flinch once; in fact, he was hooked up to electrodes and there was no "startle" response whatsoever. Finallyrepparttar 138749 professor grew just as calm and willing to conduct a reasonable conversation.

Try this for yourself. Berepparttar 138750 peacemaker and see what happens.

STEP 4. We can keep our hearts open by freeing ourselves from judgment. The verbal thinking mind loves to name everything and remember similar situations that it then relives and discusses with itself. The ego says, "Aha, I recognize who this person is, because So-and-So was that way, too. This person is devious and dangerous." Even ifrepparttar 138751 ego is right, this judgment narrows our perspectives and our ability to clearly perceiverepparttar 138752 full truth aboutrepparttar 138753 other person, who, like us, is much more than what was done.

A single, solitary judgment triggers a volley of thinking that closesrepparttar 138754 heart, blocks inner wisdom and separates us from ourselves,repparttar 138755 other person and God! Moreover, constantly relivingrepparttar 138756 past keeps us from being fully present torepparttar 138757 now-moment and serving as a creative, shining light to other people.

The antidote is not to letrepparttar 138758 thinking mind name, categorize, judge and persecute anyoneóus included. We can moverepparttar 138759 naming, thinking mind into silence by teaching it that no matter what comes up within us or in external realityóan angry person,repparttar 138760 loss of a job, illness,repparttar 138761 death of a loved oneóit is a wave of experience that brings healing and growth. It comes to rid us of what is no longer needed and to evoke in us anything that might be missing. Inrepparttar 138762 world of Spirit, nothing is lost. All is accounted for.

STEP 5. We can be at-one with goodness by keeping our hearts open, rejoicing inrepparttar 138763 beauty ofrepparttar 138764 world and seeking something to love in every person we meet, includingrepparttar 138765 derelict onrepparttar 138766 street who teaches us that this is not who we want to be. Even if we feel repulsed, we can look at this person closely enough to find something in him or her to love. Some facial characteristic, some trait...because if love is inrepparttar 138767 air, it is also in each of us, even at our worst.

Do we have to judge or detest that derelict? My inner wisdom says no, because this person has just given merepparttar 138768 gift of knowing myself. I am grateful for that gift and can reach out to return love without needing or expecting appreciation.

In my experience, we come here to open our hearts and love ourselves, others and God. If we feel cold and aloof or separate and apart much ofrepparttar 138769 time, there is a very good chance that our lives are cloudy and gray.

Do you have all ofrepparttar 138770 love, money, happiness and peace that you want in your life? If not, check to see if your heart is open and joyfully aware ofrepparttar 138771 abundance in each and every precious thing in you and your life.

If your heart is closed, you can open it easily with these mind-expansion techniques which enable us to become present torepparttar 138772 present. In opening to Love, you will be enlivened by its joy and peace, so that everything you need and so richly deserve will come to you. All else will be pruned away, healed, to make room for fresh growth.

This isrepparttar 138773 simple and magical secret of life: You have within you allrepparttar 138774 Love needed to create and attractrepparttar 138775 life you want. Love calls you to shine your light, for love and love alone will heal our world.

If we stay peaceful, we can catchrepparttar 138776 waves of love upswelling in our hearts and ride them with perfect balance into our everyday choices and actions for economic parity, social justice and environmental responsibility.

To create a perfect planet of peace and love, all we have to do is remember that love is inrepparttar 138777 air. We can bring its Light into being withrepparttar 138778 thought of it,repparttar 138779 need of it,repparttar 138780 hope of Love that is it. In this wave isrepparttar 138781 spiritual awakening of our world.

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation andrepparttar 138782 evolution of human consciousness. She isrepparttar 138783 author of a ground-breaking book, The Voice ofrepparttar 138784 Soul, about her extraordinary journey into inspired writing,repparttar 138785 guiding wisdom ofrepparttar 138786 soul andrepparttar 138787 science of spirituality. Visit her primary website, www.eaglelife.com, to check for a workshop near you, sign up for her free e-newsletter, "The Still, Small Voice," and read complementary articles in her paid-for e-magazine, OneWorld Spirit, devoted to art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and global peace.

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. Visit her primary website, www.eaglelife.com, to check for a workshop near you and sign up for her free e-newsletter, "The Still, Small Voice," and subscription e-zine, OneWorld, dedicated to art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and global peace.

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