10 Steps to Better Resolutions for 2002

Written by Trevor Barre

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9. Visualizerepparttar benefits of your goal.

Be specific and clear to yourself about whyrepparttar 131421 outcome is important and worth attaining. Imagine how good it will feel. Relishrepparttar 131422 details.

10. Get support.

Change is easier and more fun when you have a coach to help.


Aboutrepparttar 131423 Submitter:

Coach Deborah Keahey is an award winning published author, online educator, and owner of Lifescape Coaching. She specializes in coaching women in a wide variety of situations. Deborah can be reached online at www.lifescapecoaching.com or debbiekeahey@yahoo.com

Live onrepparttar 131424 edge, and have a safe and Merry Christmas,

Trevor Barre

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As a life coach based in Australia, I believe in reaching for the perfect life, and helping other people do the same. If you're not aiming for the best in life, you're just taking up space.

Memoirs of a Wedding Singer

Written by Ellen M. DuBois

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Needless to say, without a promotional tape, our weddings decreased andrepparttar clubs increased. It got torepparttar 131420 point where we were doing three or four weekends in a row; as opposed torepparttar 131421 two or three weddings per month. Also,repparttar 131422 pay at a four hour wedding is much better than working four hours, two nights in a row, (eight hours total) at a club. Not that money was my motive. It wasn't. But, it was nice to work a wedding and make what I'd bust my "you know what" working a whole weekend at a club!

So, after about a year and a half ofrepparttar 131423 bookings increasing, (the clubs loved us), I had to make a choice.

Everything in life, (and if you've read some of my other material you'll know I mean this), requires balance. Working most weekends was tiring and was putting a strain on my fiance and I. He went to a lot of gigs with me because working in a club environment is much different than doing a wedding. You know, there's a bit more trouble to be found. Luckily, my experience withrepparttar 131424 band was pretty much trouble free. Although I must say that there were many folks at weddings who'd tip a few too many and loved to jump up on stage, grabrepparttar 131425 microphone and belt away! (Those times were funny, and there were some people who were pretty damn good)!

Back torepparttar 131426 choice. It was a tough one. If only...but we don't live in an "if only" world. The bookings were not going to lighten up -- as a matter of fact it wasrepparttar 131427 opposite. We had definitely become a club band -- no longer doing weddings as our primary gigs. And,repparttar 131428 music was getting a bit stale, although I introduced a lot of new material torepparttar 131429 band. I also play keys so I could work out tunes at home.

I digress.

On New Years Eve, 1999-2000, I sang withrepparttar 131430 band forrepparttar 131431 last time. It wasn't an easy decision, but one I had to make. Although painful atrepparttar 131432 time, I must say that with pain comes growth. I never would have started my e-book and landed a contract if I were still withrepparttar 131433 band. I wouldn't be a contributor on various writing sites if I were still withrepparttar 131434 band. I had to put my creative energies somewhere and they landed uponrepparttar 131435 cyber pages ofrepparttar 131436 Internet. I am glad for that.

And music hasn't left me. It can't. It would be like cutting off my right arm. I still play, still sing, still sit in occasionally. I even reunited withrepparttar 131437 band at my sister's wedding this past November and it was GREAT! Just like yesterday. That same ol' chemistry was there, not to be broken by time. We laughed just like we always did.

When my father plays his solo gig in a small restaurant/bar, we go see him and I've been know to sit and play/sing a few atrepparttar 131438 end ofrepparttar 131439 night. It brings back wonderful feelings and I love making people happy. When I hear, "Could you sing 'this or that', it feels terrific. (However, it's quite embarrassing when I don't knowrepparttar 131440 tune....)

Who knows? Maybe someday I'll pick up a solo gig somewhere... © Ellen M. DuBois

Ellen M. DuBois, MA - Ms. DuBois is engaged and has a dog who loves to critique her work. She is published in vol.2 of God Allows U-Turns with her piece, "The Angel in the Dumpster". She writes to touch the hearts of others. Please visit Writings of the Heart, her award winning writer's resource site- http://writingsoftheheart.homestead.com/index.html

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