10 Steps To Clear Thinking

Written by Steve Gillman

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6. Resolve your "mind irritations." Watch your busy brain. Maybe a call you need to make has been bothering you, just below consciousness. Find these stressors, and do something to let them go. For example, make that call, or put it on a list, and your mind will let go of it for now. Just seeing a problem and saying, "There's nothing I can do about this until Friday," will often stop unconscious worrying.

7. Don't drink alcohol. At least don't drink too much. While moderate amounts can be conducive to creative thinking, allrepparttar evidence says that it is bad forrepparttar 142874 long-term health of your brain.

8. Make decisions quickly. Nothing gets inrepparttar 142875 way of clear thinking like a dozen decisions hanging around unmade. If nothing else, decide when you'll makerepparttar 142876 decision.

9. Get some fresh air. Go outside and breath deeply through your nose. You'll get a good dose of oxtgen to your brain, andrepparttar 142877 change of surroundings can help clear your mind.

10. Satisfy your physical needs. Clear thinking is easier if you aren't too hungry, thirsty, or hot.

You can think more clearly starting today. There are certainly more than ten ways, but you really only need to make a few of them a habit to have a more powerful brain. Why not try one or two right now?

Steve Gillman writes on many self help topics including boosting brainpower, losing weight, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, learning gratitude, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. You'll find more at http://www.SelfImprovementNow.

Does Your Childhood Hold You Back?

Written by Jo Ball

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If you search forrepparttar meaning and point to life and are stopped just knowing and believingrepparttar 142812 three points below is a very good foundation for your future.

1. I want to tell you that whatever life has dealt you up to this point, that your future can be brighter.

2. I want to tell you that you do possess a unique gift. I also want to tell you that you have a distinctive way of expressing that gift.

3. What might well have happened is that that gift has been buried underneath allrepparttar 142813 other confusion and chaos.

The last few years of my life have been dedicated to helping people from all walks of life, with all kinds of childhood and adult issues. The moments when they overcome what previously stopped them is very powerful. Their stories are amazing.

Whatever it is that stops you in life right now I hope this article has helped.

Love & best Wishes

Jo Ball (LCA, Dip) Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

I want to help you move on and become unstoppable. At Unstoppable Life, I am developing the next generation of people overcoming block in life and becoming more powerful than ever before. These people are discovering and defining their life purpose. Join my Fr>ee newsletter now at Unstoppable Life and explore my site and discover a mass of information that others are using to better their lives www.unstoppablelife.com

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