10 Special Tips for Your Romantic Getaways

Written by Yochention Saritoh

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5. Rent a Car One thing about renting a car, you might want to consider getting car insurance. That is usually also offered atrepparttar rental car place when you want to do one. The reason why you need this is because you donít know that something will come up when you travel and you might findrepparttar 147495 liability insurance is really helpful and save you a lot.

6. International Driving Permit Applying an international driving permit is one thing that you need to be considered when you are planning to rent a car during your romantic getaways. Especially when you are traveling abroad, international driving permit can really come in handy. You can get your international driver permit by applying from AAA.

7. Reserve a hotel A good tip for couple who usually go on their honeymoon is that when you arrive atrepparttar 147496 hotel, you could tellrepparttar 147497 front desk that you are on your honeymoon. You donít know something good might surprise you two just because you letrepparttar 147498 people know that you are on your honeymoon. Some hotels might prepare a bottle of wine in your room of maybe a bouquet of flowers. Just donít forget to mention that you are on your honeymoon.

8. Apply for Passport and Visa If you are going for international trips, then you should checkrepparttar 147499 visa necessities and your passport whether it is still valid. It is best to apply for your passport at least eight weeks before you plan to leave. This will allowrepparttar 147500 time for processing and any possible complications.

9. Write up your honeymoon packing list Write a list of things that you need to bring during your honeymoon. Most ofrepparttar 147501 small general necessities like toothpaste, toothbrush, underwear and condom you could get it atrepparttar 147502 hotel. If you are traveling on your honeymoon, do not forget to bring lingerie, candles, bubble bath, sunscreen and motion sickness medicine.

10. Find outrepparttar 147503 easiest way to use money/credit You might want to purchase Travelers Checks or get a "Travel Money" card from your local bank or currency exchange office. It is better to carry travelerís check instead of large amounts of cash.

Yochention and his wife love to travel and they love to share their knowledge of travelling to couples. Visit their site at http://www.Romantic-Escape.com to get ideas for your next romantic getaways.

San Francisco Travel - Discover the Mission District's Murals

Written by Jed Clark

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Elsewhere inrepparttar Mission District on Harrison at 19th Street, mixed among blocks of warehouses and running along a wall for nearly a block in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood is a mural titled "Carnaval." Asrepparttar 147369 name implies,repparttar 147370 Carnaval mural is a representation ofrepparttar 147371 Carnaval celebration, a multicultural dance and music festival that has its roots in Latin America andrepparttar 147372 Caribbean. The San Francisco Mission District has been hosting a Carnaval Festival since 1978. Created in 1994 by Joshua Sarantitis, Emmanuel Montoya, Carlos Loarca and others,repparttar 147373 radiant Carnaval mural is as dynamic and colorful asrepparttar 147374 festival that it portrays. The Women's Building (located at 3543 18th Street) boasts two walls of a dramatic mural that pays homage to women. Created by a team of seven women muralists,repparttar 147375 "Maestrapeace" mural portrays women and feminine archetypes of multiple world origins. The Goddess of Light and Creativity adornsrepparttar 147376 top ofrepparttar 147377 18th Street facade withrepparttar 147378 waters of life flowing beneath her and transforming into fabric designs from aroundrepparttar 147379 world. The mural features such notable women as Georgia O'Keefe (an innovative American artist) and Rigoberta Menchu (a Guatemalan of Mayan decent and Nobel prize-winning activist). The names of many more famous women are inscribed inrepparttar 147380 mural's colorful patterns. The mural is meant to be inspiration and educational, illustratingrepparttar 147381 contributions women have made to human history and society. The Women's Building provides resources and services to organizations that support women and girls from multi-ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds. For an informational key torepparttar 147382 mural, step insiderepparttar 147383 Women's Building or contact them at http://www.womensbuilding.org/ or (415) 431-1180. A colorful world of murals and culture awaits you in San Francisco's Mission District, so get out there and explore.

Jed Clark is a travel writer, photographer and long-time San Francisco resident. For more travel tips and information about San Francisco destinations, attractions and neighborhoods, visit http://www.zurdogo.com/ - a destination guide to San Francisco.

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