10 Solid Reasons To Make Your Next PC A Notebook

Written by Titus Hoskins

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Most notebooks now come with WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity), also known as 802.11 a/b/g, withrepparttar ability to stay connected no matter where you are. As more and more businesses such as hotels, restaurants and airports offer these 'hot spots' or WI-FI service to their patrons, easy connections will become commonplace.

Plus, BIG PLUS - Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO network is spreading fast, this will bring wireless connections to a whole new level. It will makerepparttar 134975 Internet truly wireless!

5. Function. There are certain functions that are unique torepparttar 134976 notebook computer. The tablet PC provides a convenient device for note taking and data gathering that's not practical in a desktop computer. For business professionals such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents...these tablet notebooks do very practical 'in-the-field' chores or tasks. Other notebooks are very useful for powerpoint presentations at meetings and other gatherings.

6. Backup. The notebook or laptop can be used as a convenient backup of your vital files and programs. Often overlooked, butrepparttar 134977 notebook can provide a rather cheap and safe way to protect your sensitive data. Anyone who has had a major or total loss of their hard drives can appreciate repparttar 134978 importance of having a safe backup system.

For those constantly surfingrepparttar 134979 net, exposing your sensitive data to allrepparttar 134980 hazards (viruses, worms, spyware,etc.) can lead to problems. Having a separate system stored on a laptop or notebook can be a good way of working around this problem.

7. Variety. Notebooks and laptops offer much more variety thanrepparttar 134981 ordinary desktop PC. From a small pocket size tablet PC allrepparttar 134982 way up to a Multi-Media desktop replacement that offers TV, Stereo, CD/DVD Player, as well as a computer of course.

There is a greater range of systems to choose from; allrepparttar 134983 way from sleek custom designed notebooks to huge monster gaming laptops, there's something to satisfy most tastes. You can also buy a notebook to match your style; from IBM black to Ferrari Red. It's out there.

8. Price and Availability. Notebooks are everywhere and they're getting cheaper byrepparttar 134984 minute. Notebooks prices are coming down, as more and more notebooks are sold --repparttar 134985 price will drop even more. They're still slightly more expensive than a desktop PC butrepparttar 134986 gap is closing fast.

Finding a seller or dealer is very easy, shopping online directly fromrepparttar 134987 manufacturer or company is also becoming very popular. In addition, there are also some very good reputable online dealers that's spreading repparttar 134988 notebook gospel. Your dream notebook is only a click away.

9.Sex Appeal. It has to be mentioned, notebook computers are sexy! There's no denying it; these sleek, svelte machine are some ofrepparttar 134989 sexiest accessories this side of a Batwatch Extra. The notebook's great looks will probably berepparttar 134990 first drawing card for many people who's considering buying a notebook. A fully functional accessory that will not only turn heads but can also dorepparttar 134991 books.

10. Last but not least,repparttar 134992 main reason you should consider buying a notebook computer -- because you want one. Just forrepparttar 134993 convenience, portability, orrepparttar 134994 downright pleasure of owning a notebook computer. Besides, it's a proven medical fact that denying your wants or needs can be detrimental to your health.

Go treat yourself!

For More Information on Buying Computer Notebooks and Laptops Click Here: Computer Notebook Buyer's Guide. Copyright © 2005 Titus Hoskins of www.bizwaremagic.com This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Laptops Guide: Choosing a Laptop that is Right for You

Written by Jonathan Chase

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Extra Large Ė Although this type of laptop doesnít yet have a technical name, itís best to simply refer to it as ďextra large,Ē since they weigh between eight and ten pounds and have a screen that measures at least 17 inches. In addition,repparttar keyboard is much larger than a standard laptop, making it a more comfortable fit for those who findrepparttar 134925 keyboard ofrepparttar 134926 standard laptop rather inhibitive. There are a couple of downfalls to owning this type of unit, notrepparttar 134927 least of which includes its weight. There can be a four pound difference betweenrepparttar 134928 weight of a standard and an extra large laptop Ė and thatís quite a bit, when you think about lugging it around all day. The other negative factor isrepparttar 134929 cost of this type of laptop. It offers a price tag thatís every bit as hefty as its weight and size.

The purchase of a laptop comes down to personal preference, and there are enough styles inrepparttar 134930 laptop community to please just about everyone. For those who canít decide and just want ďa laptop,Ē then itís probably better to stick torepparttar 134931 standard model.

Jonathan Chase runs a computer repair business and is a contributing writer to All Cheap Laptops. Learn more about laptops at http://www.all-cheap-laptops.com/How-Laptops-Work.htm

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