10 Simple Ways to Promote Yourself

Written by Merle

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6) Present Seminars- By giving seminars you get to network with a lot of people as well as establish yourself as an expert in your field.

7) Participate in Trade Shows- A great way to show off your products/services to qualified people.

8) Write Short Articles- Articles are best if kept under 500 words. Keep a database of possible publishers who might have an interest in publishing your writing. Make a habit of submitting at least one a month. Many newsletters are constantly onrepparttar lookout for fresh material. Gives you credibility & visibility.

9) E-books- Writing e-books is a form of viral marketing. When given away freely online like a virus it can literally get passed along to thousands of potential customers. Think of a topic you know a lot about and get to work. There are many e-book compilers available online to createrepparttar 125195 book, some free, some not.

10) Specialized Directories- Everyone knows about getting listed inrepparttar 125196 major search engines, but what about directories? Do some research and find specialized directories that cater to your specific type of business and get yourself listed in as many as possible.

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Written by Mimi AK

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To create a Crawler Page in Internet Explorer: 1. Choose Favourites > Organise Favourite A dialog box appears. 2. CLICK on Create Folder and give your folder a name e.g. "Site Crawler Page" 3. CLOSErepparttar dialog box. 4. Go torepparttar 125194 pages on your site that you want to be surerepparttar 125195 site engine finds. 5. Choose Favourites > Add to Favourites A dialog box appears. 6. Click on Create in<< and choose your crawler folder e.g. "Site Crawler Page". 7. Click OK. 8. When you have finished adding allrepparttar 125196 pages you want, choose File >Import and Export. 9. An Import/Export Wizard will appear. Use it to create an HTML file of your crawler page favourites folder. 10. Uploadrepparttar 125197 page to your server and submit it torepparttar 125198 search engines you want to be listed on.

You might want to register your site with a search engine that specialises in your particular topic. Yahoo has a very complete list of specific category search engines. Wordtracker is a powerful free service that can help you find out which keywords will skyrocket your traffic and boost your ranking in search engines. Visit http://www.wordtracker.com/ for more information on Wordtracker.

METHOD 3: Place Links in Related Web Sites

Persuading other related sites in your industry to link to YOU is another effective way of directing highly targeted traffic to your web site. Many marketing gurus will agree that it is carriesrepparttar 125199 same effect as a personal recommendation. A link from another highly respected source creates your credibility even BEFORErepparttar 125200 visitor reaches your web site, hence increasing their potential to become your customer!

Make sure you do your RESEARCH and when you have foundrepparttar 125201 web sites that deal directly with your target market, don't forget to record downrepparttar 125202 contact information forrepparttar 125203 web site owners. When you contact them, show them how your web site will benefit THEM and THEIR visitors. Don't talk about how you will benefit and how fantastic your web site is. Explain WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM!

So there you go! 3 simple ways to get that targeted traffic to your web site! You already haverepparttar 125204 killer web site andrepparttar 125205 product/ service that people want AND you can getrepparttar 125206 targeted TRAFFIC to your web site and covert your visitors to paying customers!

Now you can start growing your own opt-in email list and advance to affiliate programs!

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