10 Simple Rules to Make You Serious Money in the Sharemarket and Keep it!

Written by Joseph Sgro

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Do I think that I'mrepparttar worst case? NO WAY!! You only have to look back in time to see what companies, underwriters and well-established financial houses paid for software companies and internet security companies - even our beloved Telstra(usingrepparttar 108447 taxpayer's wealth) suffered its billion dollar nightmares, not to mention News Corp's businesses going bust. The bigger they arerepparttar 108448 harder they have fallen: Enron, Vivendi, Worldcom and others handing over billions as if there was no tomorrow. Well nowrepparttar 108449 penny has well and truly dropped as these huge gorillas fight for their survival under a pile of debt and scandal. Nope...I'm in good company. The scandals and falls since June 2002 have certainly been enough to scare me. We live in hope that we don't end up with a depression and thatrepparttar 108450 losses of up to $US8 trillion atrepparttar 108451 time of writing, are finally stemmed without bringingrepparttar 108452 whole financial system to its knees.

How many lucky devils bought News Corp at $26 and how many have watchedrepparttar 108453 decent to $8.46? Losing $12 billion in one year only makes people want to own it, pushingrepparttar 108454 price from below $9.50 back up to above $10.50.

The market lurches from drunken stupor to bottomless pit of despair - it's easy to get it wrong on any day!

In sharemarket trading you live and die by your trading plan - so experiment by all means but at some stage you will need trading rules to live by. The market can leave you behind. It has a way of changing faster than you can. It does its time as a bull and then becomes a bear and inrepparttar 108455 same breath will do an about face and scream to a high, leaving your position inrepparttar 108456 red, when everything you know tells you thatrepparttar 108457 market for that stock should not behave that way. You keep screaming ...BUT IT'S A LOSER!!!!!! Stock punters just ignore you, pushingrepparttar 108458 dog of a stock higher, after losses counted in billions of Australian dollars and a weaker quarterly profit. Who really cares? Emotion carriesrepparttar 108459 market higher until once againrepparttar 108460 profit takers come in and sellrepparttar 108461 highs.

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Happy Investing, Joseph Sgro The Author

Joseph Sgro was born in Western Australia with a hunger to become a millionaire(a Wild Colonial Boy at heart).

Classroom teacher with 15 years and sharemarket trading experience of 16 years culminated in a portfolio of over $700 000 and a serious turn for the worst in March 2000.

This turn of fortune gave rise to much analysis and a desire to learn what went wrong.


Written by Kimberly A. Griffiths

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"I especially appreciatedrepparttar paycheck by paycheck approach to paying off bills. When I pay bills monthly, it is very easy to appropriaterepparttar 108446 money to a different fund, rob Peter to pay Paul, and then fall short ofrepparttar 108447 necessary payments. The black hole becomes larger andrepparttar 108448 downward spiral begins. The 'credit card' mode of living has been integrated into our society. There isn't any light atrepparttar 108449 end of that tunnel!!" exclaims Geralyn Kampa, an Administrative Assistant from Minneapolis, MN.

"This book speaks in simple terms, so you don't have to be a mathematician to understand it. Atrepparttar 108450 same time it helps anyone to analyze their financial situation in all details and take corrective actions. This book could be helpful even for someone who is not in debt in order to establish good spending habits,” states Natalya Goncharov, a Computer Programmer from Wisconsin.

Kimberly A. Griffiths, an independent Copywriter and Marketing Consultant located in Cape Coral, FL, spent close to two years compiling and researchingrepparttar 108451 techniques and resources found in ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME. In addition to distributingrepparttar 108452 ebook to general consumers throughrepparttar 108453 website,repparttar 108454 author desires to partner with organizations, banks, schools, and companies in an effort to provide this valuable information torepparttar 108455 general public. “Our society expects people to know how to manage money as adults even though most of us never receive any formal training. Based onrepparttar 108456 epidemic of personal bankruptcies in this country, we’re doing ourselves a disservice by not providing these tools to adults and teenagers. I believe it would be advantageous for all Americans to have access to a sound money management education. And, hopefully with my book, I will accomplish this one person and one paycheck at a time.”


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