10 Secrets For Copy That Sells

Written by Grady Smith

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As an example, take a look at this article. Sentences are short and punchy. Some aren’t proper. But they getrepparttar point across and make it very easy to read.

6) USE HEADINGS: You need to have one that hooks your reader inrepparttar 127374 beginning to lead them in. Then, to keep them hooked, you should break up your copy with a few subheadings that setrepparttar 127375 hook even deeper to keep them reading.

7) UNDERLINE AND BOLD: Use this on words and phrases you want to jump out. But don’t overdo. The principal quickly becomes diluted with overuse and none of it will be read if it’s splattered everywhere.

8) EDUCATE YOUR CUSTOMER: If you can teach your readers something then they’ll believe you to be an expert. And if you can lead them to that, then chances are they’ll buy. We all want to learn fromrepparttar 127376 experts.

9) GIVE THE READER AN ORDER: Don’t leave choices torepparttar 127377 reader. If you do, they might choose to click away from your site. So, use phrases like “Click Here”, “Order Now”, or “Go Here”.

10) USE YOUR P.S.: Your P.S. will get read. Trust me. Andrepparttar 127378 way to make it work for you is to restate your offer in a different light. That way, if your heading grabbed them,repparttar 127379 restate and added benefits of your P.S. can tighten your hold and force them to readrepparttar 127380 rest of your sales letter.

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Just the Facts - A Golden Age Gold Mine

Written by Gary Onks

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* Own 62% of all large Wall Street investment accounts * Seniors visit malls more often than any other age group * Over 70% of seniors are willing to try new brands * 92% of seniors shop online & 78% make online purchases * Local daily newspapers are read by 71% of seniors * 74% of Seniors userepparttar Internet to find health information * Over 65% of Seniors stick with brands if they like them * 89% of seniors rate "being active" as critical to enjoying life * Housing market for seniors tops $100 Billion each year * The net worth of seniors is 5 times that of average Americans * Seniors provide over $90 Billion in care giving services annually * There are more people over 65 than teenagers inrepparttar 127373 marketplace * Modern Maturity isrepparttar 127374 largest circulation magazine in print * "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" average viewer age is 55

You've gotrepparttar 127375 facts, now getrepparttar 127376 seniors and get more sales!

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