10 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for HTML designers

Written by RKD Unger

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3.Make sure that title and description are located within HEAD.

4.Do not use dynamic pages if you can. The project architecture may dictate usage of PHP, ASP etc. However search engines are reluctant to index them.

5.JScript is fun to use but it makes it harder for search engines to understandrepparttar content ofrepparttar 105571 page. If you need just a menu highlight try to use style instead of script.

6.Pages with Flash are difficult to optimise for search engines. How about web sites that are built on Flash? They impress visitors. However how do visitors find such websites?

7.Utilise style sheets. Most of modern pages use style sheets. Very few utilise them effectively. That is why web pages are overloaded with HTML attributes. That makes them heavier and slower in load.

8.Search engine look for text - not images. If possible use text rather than image.

9.Text ofrepparttar 105572 page should be at least 250 words. Search engines do not score pages with just a few sentences.

10.Text ofrepparttar 105573 page shouldn't be very lengthy. To make search engines happy stick withrepparttar 105574 page size of 15KB - including images.

RKD is the founder of http://www.internet-marketing-australia.com. He is the author of IMOR/SEOR methodology for search engine analysis of web sites.

Starting HTML- For beginners

Written by Stephen Cope

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  • part3-Formatting Text - Fonts
  • part4-Lists and Tables and Images
  • part5-Anchors and Linking

    Web page and HTML editors

    Although it is possible to make a web page using simple text editors like Notepad or Word these tools are only suitable for very basic web pages. Anyone who wants to make a website requires a suitable editor. For an explanation of web page and HTML editors and also how to obtain some very powerful editors even FrontPage for free seerepparttar web Page and HTML editors page.

    Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at - making a website and IncrediMail and Outlook Express Updates.

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