10 Safety Checks to Make Before You Buy

Written by Adam Fletcher

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To give consumers a way of telling which vehicles have a higher rollover propensity than others, NHTSA has developed a five-star rating system calledrepparttar Rollover Resistance Rating (RRR). Until recently,repparttar 149634 RRR was based solely on a vehicle's "static stability factor (SSF)," which is determined from measurements of its track width and center of gravity. Becauserepparttar 149635 SSF is based on measurements of a stationary vehicle rather than on a dynamic road test,repparttar 149636 rating doesn't account for vehicles' different suspension designs, tires, orrepparttar 149637 presence of a stability-control system—any of which can make a significant difference. Beginning withrepparttar 149638 ratings for 2004 models, NHTSA now combinesrepparttar 149639 SSF with a dynamic rollover test performed with moving vehicles.

The RRR is accessible online at www.safercars.gov, but you need to dig deeper thanrepparttar 149640 star ratings to tell how a vehicle performed inrepparttar 149641 dynamic test. Click onrepparttar 149642 model name. Scroll down to "Rollover Details" and look under Dynamic Test. The site tells you only whether or not a vehicle tipped up inrepparttar 149643 test, but not at what speed. Currently, it also lacks data about whether rated vehicles were tested with electronic stability control, described below. We believe that vehicles that tip up in NHTSA's test have a potential stability problem and CR will not recommend them, regardless of their star rating.

7. Electronic stability control (ESC) Electronic stability control is another safety feature that's highly recommended by CR's auto experts, particularly on SUVs. ESC is designed to help keeprepparttar 149644 vehicle under control and on its intended path during cornering, and prevent it from sliding or skidding. If a vehicle begins to go out of control,repparttar 149645 system selectively applies brakes to one or more wheels and cuts engine power to keeprepparttar 149646 vehicle on its intended course. On SUVs, stability control can help preventrepparttar 149647 vehicle from getting into a situation that could lead to a rollover. While electronic stability control has improvedrepparttar 149648 emergency handling onrepparttar 149649 vehicles we have tested, it's not a cure-all for inherently poor handling vehicles. Its effectiveness depends on how it is programmed and how it is integrated withrepparttar 149650 vehicle. It also cannot overcomerepparttar 149651 laws of physics for out-of-control driving.

Automakers often refer to their stability-control systems by different names, so if it's not clear be sure to ask if a vehicle has electronic stability control. To make it less confusing forrepparttar 149652 consumer,repparttar 149653 Society of Automotive Engineers has asked that all manufacturers use electronic stability control or ESC, as common terminology when referring to their stability-control systems. Consumer Reports supports this announcement, and feels it will help consumers know what they are buying.

A number of studies have been completed and all point to a substantial reduction in accidents and deaths. CR engineers feel that ESC is going to be a major safety feature that may become standard on all cars.

8. Safety-belt features Three-point lap-and-shoulder belts providerepparttar 149654 most protection in a crash, and more vehicles now have them in all seating positions. Many, however, still have only a lap belt inrepparttar 149655 center-rear position, which allowsrepparttar 149656 upper part ofrepparttar 149657 body to move forward in a crash or panic stop. The comfort ofrepparttar 149658 belts is also important, because some people won't wear them if they're uncomfortable. Some vehicles, for instance, have front belts whose shoulder portion retracts intorepparttar 149659 seatback instead ofrepparttar 149660 car's door pillar. Their advantage is they move withrepparttar 149661 seat whenrepparttar 149662 seat is adjusted fore and aft. But they can tug down uncomfortably onrepparttar 149663 shoulder of someone with a long torso. Microsoft Word: http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com/archive/index.php/f-16.html

Many vehicles include safety-belt pretensioners and force limiters, which work withrepparttar 149664 air bags to protect you in a crash. Pretensioners automatically take uprepparttar 149665 slack inrepparttar 149666 seat belt during a frontal crash, helping to restrain people securely and properly position them forrepparttar 149667 air bag. Force-limiters relaxrepparttar 149668 safety-belt tension slightly followingrepparttar 149669 initial impact, so they can help absorb some of a person's forward thrust. That helps prevent chest and internal injuries caused byrepparttar 149670 belt.

9. Head restraints A car's head restraints are vital for guarding againstrepparttar 149671 whiplash neck injuries that often accompany a rear-end collision. Restraints need to be tall enough to cushionrepparttar 149672 head aboverepparttar 149673 top ofrepparttar 149674 spine. Many cars' head restraints adjust for height. Look for those that lock inrepparttar 149675 raised position. Those that do not can be forced down in a crash, losing effectiveness. Many cars' rear restraints are too low to do much good, which Consumer Reports notes in their test reports. The IIHS Web site (www.hwysafety.org) also providesrepparttar 149676 institute's own head restraint ratings for various models.

10. Child safety Child-safety seats save lives and should be used until a child is big enough to userepparttar 149677 vehicle's regular safety belt. The conventional method of attaching a child seat usesrepparttar 149678 vehicle's safety belts. Often, incompatibilities betweenrepparttar 149679 car's seat andrepparttar 149680 child seat make a good, tight fit difficult and sometimes impossible. Help and Support: http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com/archive/index.php/f-22.html

All new vehicles now have a universal system called LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) that is designed to make attachment easier and more secure. Butrepparttar 149681 system doesn't work equally well in all vehicles. Consumer Reports has found many cars withrepparttar 149682 new attachment points sufficiently obscured that even with some ofrepparttar 149683 newest child seats it's not easy to use them. CR comments onrepparttar 149684 ease of installing child seats in its test reports. Butrepparttar 149685 key is to try before you buy.

Another child-safety consideration is power-window switches. Children have accidentally activated a power window while leaning out and have been killed or injured byrepparttar 149686 window closing on them. The easiest types to inadvertently trigger are horizontal rocker and toggle switches onrepparttar 149687 door's armrest, which raiserepparttar 149688 window when pushed down or torepparttar 149689 side. Lever-type switches, which are flush withrepparttar 149690 surrounding trim and only raiserepparttar 149691 window when pulled up, are a safer design.

Adam Fletcher is the webmaster of Hardware Software Articles http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com .

Inspired Songwriting

Written by Yuri Ivanov

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Now, if you're notes are all correct but you can't seem to come up with something you like, it may be time to inject a new technique to spice things up a bit.

Let's say you recognizerepparttar chords and you knowrepparttar 149611 notes. Try looking atrepparttar 149612 notes in a whole new way such as:

1. Arpeggios. (The notes ofrepparttar 149613 chords)

2. Skipping strings for wider note intervals.

3. Right hand tapping.

4. Whammy bar effects.

5. Pinching harmonics...

One ofrepparttar 149614 biggest problems is not being able to decide for if something was good or not. If you have this trouble too, get someone else's opinion. If possible someone who can suggest helpful insight.

If you can't find someone to critique your tune, you MUST decide for yourself and move on...otherwise you'll never get your tune finished.

Yuri Ivanov - Guitar instructor and music writer. Co-writer and webmaster at Guitar Lessons Online

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