10 Risk Factors that Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware of

Written by Criss White

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  • Exercise - Moderate exercise is helpful as it improvesrepparttar mother's mental state and can increase oxygen flow torepparttar 141474 fetus. However, over-exertion can be dangerous. Most experts recommend reducing your exercise intensity during pregnancy. Activities like walking, swimming, and yoga are popular for pregnant women.
  • Prenatal Care - Regular doctor visits are important to your baby's development. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Some side effects may be completely normal, whereas other may not. Regular monitoring by a professional will help ensure that your baby will be born healthy.
  • Multiple sex partners - Multiple sex partners can increase risk of STD's, which in turn may lead to birth and pregnancy complications, like low birth weight or premature birth.
  • Exposure to chemicals - During pregnancy, reduce exposure to unnatural chemicals, particularly pesticides in food. Many people now eat organic produce, which is grown without chemicals. The simplest precaution to take before consuming vegetables or fruits is to wash them thoroughly. Also, removingrepparttar 141475 outer surface of vegetables can be helpful since most pesticides will rest onrepparttar 141476 outside ofrepparttar 141477 vegetable or fruit.
  • Other factors - Many other factors can affect fetal development, including heart disease,repparttar 141478 mother's age (before 15 years and after 35 years is riskier), asthma, excessive stress or depression, diseases, and bleeding. Consult your physician if you are affected by any of these conditions.
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    Lowering Cholesterol for busy People – Part 1

    Written by Bo Jeune-Fille

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    And there are millions just like him, not knowing whenrepparttar Cholesterol bomb will explode inrepparttar 141380 form of heart disease.

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    Cholesterol Home Test is not as accurate, but some are better than others are. Home Test won't showrepparttar 141384 Risk Factor.

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