10 Reasons to Appreciate Teachers

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Psychology, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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6. Mrs. Wilson, my fourth grade teacher.

Got me intorepparttar creative world. Coming from a household that was intellectual and didn't encourage creative work, I was a budding but un-acknowledged artist. Mrs. Wilson put one of my drawings onrepparttar 109370 cover ofrepparttar 109371 school newsletter. I was neverrepparttar 109372 same after that.

7. Miss Adams, my first grade teacher.

She showed me how much I loved to teach. I was assigned to teachrepparttar 109373 new girl, Janie Lambert, how to read. I've been teaching (and loving it) ever since.

8. Mrs. Sledge, my piano teacher.

She taught me discipline. I started, with great excitement atrepparttar 109374 age of 6 and learned I could learn something very hard if I would just stick with it. She taught character along with piano. I stood up tall when I walked in for my lessons (and when I walked out)! 9. Mr. Framingham, high school English teacher, who supervised my student teaching.

He taught me how to really teach. Atrepparttar 109375 local high school, he taughtrepparttar 109376 honors class andrepparttar 109377 remedial class, and under his supervision, I taught both. Anyone can teachrepparttar 109378 brightest andrepparttar 109379 best. Mr. Framingham knew how to teach people who were very difficult to teach. He told me senior year in high school would be their last chance for a formal learning experience, and he wanted to make it happen. Go Mr. Framingham!

10. Dr. Porter, my college Greek and Mythology teacher.

He (and really allrepparttar 109380 ones I've mentioned) taught me to love learning. So incredibly passionate about his field, he made Greek (the language), interesting ... every morning at 8 a.m. He couldn't wait to begin class. He never wanted to let us go. "Just one more thing," he would say, his eyes gleaming.

He, and allrepparttar 109381 other great teachers I've had, lit a fire under me, igniting a lifetime love of learning. I hope youíve had some too! If so, pass it on.

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Be serious with your child future

Written by Madhur.G.Bajaj

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Preparation begins at home right fromrepparttar time your child is born . A rich and diverse learning experience will help to create a complete and well developed personality. This isrepparttar 109369 best way to prepare your child for success in school. Donít you think so? Feel free to get back to us.

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