10 Reasons To Survey Your Visitors, Subscribers And Customers!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. You'll find out how to design your web site to fit your visitors needs and wants. This will increaserepparttar time your visitors spend on your web site.

8. You'll find out what kind of non related products or services your customers would buy. This will help your business easily move into a different market.

9. You'll find out how to better price your products. This will help you sell your products or services at at a price that will pullrepparttar 132065 most orders.

10. You'll find out were your potential customers are hanging out. This will inform you where to market and promote your products.

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Content is king: Enhancing web site success with original content

Written by Jon E. Dougherty

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If you want to pay a little more and donít wantrepparttar task of hiring/finding your own writers and editing and posting their submissions yourself, you should know that there are a growing variety of quality licensed syndication companies designed specifically for Internet delivery might be your best solution.

Screaming Media [http://www.screamingmedia.com], iSyndicate, and 7am.com [http://www.7am.com] are all experienced and outstanding content delivery syndication firms who can help you, for a varying fee, incorporate (automatically) their daily content into your site. You have to first decide what you can afford to spend or, inrepparttar 132064 case of repeat traffic, what you can afford to lose if you donít stand out fromrepparttar 132065 crowd.

One word of caution, however: Try to be original. Lots of content providers already carry some ofrepparttar 132066 "traditional" services like Reuters,repparttar 132067 Associated Press, and UPI. If you can, try to find a syndicated content feed offered by a different provider Ė a news service or a sports feed that is just as good as "the big boys" but different enough to provide your site with a unique feel.

Not all content is alike, even ifrepparttar 132068 subject or focus ofrepparttar 132069 content isrepparttar 132070 same. For example, there isnít much difference inrepparttar 132071 way Reuters orrepparttar 132072 AP handle a similar subject; but USAJournal.com [http://www.usajournal.com] or WorldNetDaily.com [http://www.worldnetdaily.com] may have a totally different point of view onrepparttar 132073 same subject.

That is what is means to be unique Ė just donít berepparttar 132074 "same" as everyone else! Give them a reason to come to your site instead of some other site.

In short, if youíve spent all this time creating traffic for your site, now itís time to build brand recognition and most of all, loyalty. That kind of loyalty keeps your site numbers high and your advertising/marketing potential high as well.

But if your content is just likerepparttar 132075 content on 100,000 other sites onrepparttar 132076 Internet, you have to, at some point, take onrepparttar 132077 role of one or your siteís visitors and ask yourself: "What makes me want to keep coming back here?"

If you can be honest with yourself,repparttar 132078 direction you take with your content andrepparttar 132079 delivery of information on your site will become obvious. Just remember always: "Content is king!"

Jon E. Dougherty is the CEO of USA Features Media Co. [http://www.usafeatures.com] and editorial director for USDefense.com [http://www.usdefense.com] and USAJournal.com [http://www.usajournal.com].

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