10 Quick Tips on How to Create, Distribute, and Profit

Written by Angela Wu

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6. Offer Co-Branding or Re-Branding.

To encourage other webmasters to distribute your eBook to their guests, you can offer to 'brand'repparttar book with their URL and logo. Some eBook compilers include this as one of their features. One of them isrepparttar 108547 Activ E-Book Compiler, a solid affordable option available at http://buildyourhomebiz.com/ebookcompiler.html .

7. Promote, Promote, Promote.

There are plenty of ways to promote your eBook. These include:

= Listing it in eBook directories.

= Promoting it in your email (or message board) sig file.

= Posting to appropriate 'announcement' groups or lists.

= Creating a special page just forrepparttar 108548 eBook and submit that page torepparttar 108549 search engines.

= Offerrepparttar 108550 book to your list of business contacts and let them know that they're welcome to distribute it to their own guests.

There are many other ways to distribute your eBook; be creative!

8. Consider Selling Advertising.

If you have a heavily trafficked site andrepparttar 108551 stats to prove it, you may be able to sell advertising within your eBook. Naturally you won't want too many ads ... but a banner atrepparttar 108552 top and bottom of each page is fairly common.

You can also choose to use that space for your own ads ... or offer them to select webmasters in exchange for some additional promotion.

9. Build Your File of Testimonials.

Chances are, if people love your eBook you'll start to receive unsolicited testimonials. Askrepparttar 108553 person for permission to use his or her testimonial within your marketing materials. It will show that you have a lot of happy customers - and help to persuade visitors to make a purchase.

10. Consider Using an Autoresponder for Follow-Up.

You may want to offer your free eBook in exchange for an email address. This gives yourepparttar 108554 opportunity to repeatedly market torepparttar 108555 reader. Instead of giving him a free eBook and then never contacting him again, you 'grab' him while his interest is at a peak and continue to offer more free information through your follow-up autoresponder. Atrepparttar 108556 end of your message, encouragerepparttar 108557 reader to take a look at what else you have to offer.

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Written by Dmitry Nanev

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OK. But that’s not all about placing and changing ads in your ebook. Just think what will happen if your ebook is owned by 10 000 people. I’ll tell you what will happen – everybody will want to place an ad in your ebook so thatrepparttar world will get known about him/her. That means only one thing – BIG PROFITS for you.

Now let’s see one more way of using this “refreshing strategy”. It’s very simple – update it. Yes, that’s right! Add new information, new lessons, etc. That’s how your ebook will become even more interactive. People will buy it, because they will know that will get updates, that they’ll be up-to-date!!!

The POSSIBILITIES ofrepparttar 108546 ebook are COUNTLESS. Just use your imagination

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