10 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated!

Written by BB Lee

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7. Get Techie: Learn all you can about new technology. Stay current withrepparttar latest trends in computers, electronics. Find ways to apply your new tech knowledge to your business.

8. Teach others/Become a mentor. Experience a new zest for your business. Share your ideas with young eager minds.

9. Improve a skill. This is a good one! Everyday try to improve on a work habit. Write down several things that you would like to improve. If you type 60 words per minute, aim for 70 words per minute. Learn how to write a marketing plan or a new business plan.

10. Vacation-Vacation-Vacation. You read it right! Give up (at least for a few days or even hours.) Take a short vacation away from your business. Get out inrepparttar 117472 fresh air, interact with real live people instead of Internet contacts. Enjoyrepparttar 117473 outdoors! Share quality time with your family. Afterwards, you will certainly feel like a new person and ready to settle down and manage your homebased business with flair, style, and of course, lots of good old motivation!

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All The Comforts Of Home Or Home Office!

Written by Diane Hughes

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If you intend to work at home full-time, make sure you have repparttar best "equipment" you can have. You'll need a chair designed to offer full support over long periods of time. You'll want a desk that offers ample space, with a keyboard tray to help prevent shoulder strain. You'll also need your monitor placed at eye level and to have even, "natural" lighting inrepparttar 117471 room.

Think you can't afford all these things? Sure you can! Check your local phone directory for "used office furniture." You'll be amazed atrepparttar 117472 bargains you can find. I recently purchased a used desk that was in perfect condition for only $225. The "new" price was $650. Office chairs, bookcases, printer stands, lamps, and all types of other office furniture were available at 50%-80% off. I could have revamped my entire office forrepparttar 117473 price of one desk bought at retail.

Other options? Check your Sunday newspaper for "going out of business" postings, auctions, and used furniture listings. There are bargains to be found everywhere.

When it comes to your small business, you need to consider yourself and your well-being first. After all, if YOU aren't in good shape, how can your business be? With a little investigation, you can have allrepparttar 117474 comforts of home (or home office) for a fraction ofrepparttar 117475 cost.

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