10 Quick Steps To A Home Business Marketing Plan

Written by BB Lee

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5. Mission Statement Write a mission statement telling who you are and what you are about. Explain what you are selling and add your unique selling point.

6. Marketing Idea How will you create demand for your product? By offering extra's, quality, performance, price.

7. Price How much will you charge. Will you charge less thanrepparttar competition to attract new customers. Charge a similar price, but offer extra's. Or you could charge slightly more and provide better quality. Use this as a unique selling point.

8. Budgets How much money will you invest in marketing your product: daily weekly monthly

9. Goals What income are you forecasting per week, month, year? How many sales per week, month, year? How many customers served per week, month, year?

10. Success What methods will you use to measure a successful marketing plan? Reaching a predetermined income. Selling more thanrepparttar 117365 competition. Satisfied Customers.

Atrepparttar 117366 end of a year review all your marketing statistics. Did you reach your goals? If you did not reach your goal, revise your marketing plan until you find a winning strategy.

Need More Info?

Visit your local library for books on marketing plans or readrepparttar 117367 many free marketing ebooks found online. Read every thing you can on advertising or marketing. Set up your own research files on marketing strategies. Keep striving to improve.


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How Do I Implement The Lease Purchase Plan?

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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you have started) you should be able to start calling on property. Depending onrepparttar hours you are doing your calls will determine how many people you get to speak with as opposed to leaving a message for them. Months three and four you will continue your calls, set up a networking schedule and do deals with one particular strategy. After you feel comfortable with that strategy you can move on torepparttar 117364 next one during months five and six. Months seven and eight should have you startingrepparttar 117365 next strategy, andrepparttar 117366 same goes forrepparttar 117367 remaining months (nine, ten, eleven and twelve). During months eleven and twelve you should do some evaluating of your goals forrepparttar 117368 year, and start thinking of where you want to go in year two. Be sure to write articles up for each deal and make note of things you did wrong (yes, you will make mistakes) and how you fixed them for subsequent deals.

Once you have your monthly plan set up, break that down in weekly goals, and then set up your daily goals to meet your weekly goals. If you donít meet some goals, donít beat yourself up. Look atrepparttar 117369 reasons why you didnít meet your goals for that particular day, week or month. Did other things get inrepparttar 117370 way (family, work, health issues) or did you just slack off. Sometimes you need to take a breather and come back with some fresh energy. So if you need a break once in a while take one.

However, you need to realize if you want to succeed you need to make a commitment to implementingrepparttar 117371 plan you set up. If this means missing some television shows, shopping spree, visiting with friends or some sleep; then that is what you have to do.

So start implementingrepparttar 117372 plan today!

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