10 Profitable Ways to Use Articles

Written by Ron Passfield

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7. Create an information product that you sell. 8. Trade content with other websites. 9. Trade articles with other ezine publishers. 10.Submit articles to ezine publishers or ezine article directories.

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You do have a web site, donít you?

Written by Alex Lekas

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You already know aboutrepparttar Internetís power as a communications and promotions tool. Youíre reaching customers and prospects on their timetable. ēAre you tracking visitors and what they do on your site? Generating a high volume of hits only tells part ofrepparttar 146097 story. If a lot of people visit your site but leave almost immediately, thatís a problem. There are a lot of good tracking tools available, some of them free, that will not only catalogrepparttar 146098 amount of traffic to your site, but what people are doing once they get there. What pages do they linger on? What pages are they most likely to exitrepparttar 146099 site from? How long are visitors staying? If you know what page or pages getrepparttar 146100 most views forrepparttar 146101 longest period of time, logic dictates those arerepparttar 146102 pages that should also getrepparttar 146103 bulk of your attention. If customers and prospects care, you care. ēDo visitors have reason to come back? A web site is a powerful information tool, combiningrepparttar 146104 resources of a Yellow Pages ad, TV commercial, business card, and product catalog in a format that is accessible from anywhere at any time and can be instantly updated. That last clause is crucial, butrepparttar 146105 Web environment has also created more demanding consumers who expect something new as often as possible. Schedule online chats, led by you or by another subject matter expert; you can promote these throughrepparttar 146106 newsletter that your site encourages people to sign up for and by posting a calendar of topics and moderators. You can even offer a prize forrepparttar 146107 first few people who sign up, something related to what your business does. People like to win things and this lets you get a foot inrepparttar 146108 door.

Your web site is a reflection of both your business and you personally. It will berepparttar 146109 first contact many people have with your company, showing them what you stand for, what your company offers, and how consumers benefit from doing business with you. Your digital store demandsrepparttar 146110 same care and consideration that you devote torepparttar 146111 physical storefront. But, first be clear on what defines success onrepparttar 146112 web; chances are, it wonít differ much from what defines success on paper.

Alex Lekas is the VP / Corporate Communications for AIT, Inc. (http://www.ait.com), which provides web hosting and Internet services to nearly 200,000 business domains.

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