10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Link Directory

Written by Tony Simpson

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Ensure each page of your link directory has a link back to your home page. Once againrepparttar reason for this is to do with how search engines will rank your directory pages, so make sure these links are in place.

  • Don't be obsessed at linking only to web sites that have a good ranking withrepparttar 143890 search engines. Look first at whetherrepparttar 143891 site has anything to offer your visitors. If it has poor or unrelated content don't link to it. If it has good related content that compliments your own content but has zero or low page rank, consider linking to it. Later on you may be glad you provided a link, when it's page rank improves.

  • Don't use link directory software that doesn't automatically check links to your web site are still present onrepparttar 143892 other sites. Doing link checking manually can be tedious and you have to remember to do it. Software that you can set a schedule to check links and automatically send out emails to webmasters when links are not found will save you a lot of time. Link management software that will automatically suspend links and delete them if they are repeatedly not found is an added bonus.

  • Don't use standard templates that come with any link manager, link directory management software. You need to modify these templates to matchrepparttar 143893 look and design of your own web site. This requires you know something about editing a web page using an HTML editor. Also don't userepparttar 143894 standard email templates, personalize them in some way, even if it's only to add your name.

  • Don't assume you're finished once you've set up your link directory and done allrepparttar 143895 things I've said. You must test and retest every aspect to ensure everything is working properly, before visitors arrive.

    This means making an add a link request, as if you were a visitor to your own web site. Setting up test links and making sure these links are being checked byrepparttar 143896 software so it detects when links are removed or defective. Making sure it sends out email notices correctly and checkrepparttar 143897 formatting is correct when they are received. You should also check you can make backups of your link directory database and be able to restore it inrepparttar 143898 event of a problem.

  • Tony Simpson, Has been doing Web Site Design, Promotion and Optimization for 5 years. He provides advice, product reviews and products at Web Page Add Ons to Make Automation of Your Web Site Work for You.

    The Importance Of Incoming Links And Reciprocal Links

    Written by Tom Worsley

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    Next make sure you have a way for people to link back to you naturally. Place a link on your site somewhere that says link to us and include instructions on how they should link to you. If you have informative content and update it regularly, people will link to your site automatically.

    Last but not least there is always reciprocal linking. Reciprocal links require a link back torepparttar site that is linking to you and as I mentioned earlier these links do not carry as much weight as far asrepparttar 143777 search engines are concerned. But reciprocal links are still a very valuable advertising and search engine optimization technique that should not be ignored. There are a couple rules that one should follow when using reciprocal links. First make sure you have already addedrepparttar 143778 link torepparttar 143779 other site before you ask for a link back. And make sure your link page’s have no more than 50 links per page. When using any ofrepparttar 143780 above linking strategies it is very important that you use your targeted key words inrepparttar 143781 link and not just your web site URL. The search engines readrepparttar 143782 text betweenrepparttar 143783 tags to determine what your site is all about. If your site is about green leopard frogs then you should use green leopard frogs in your title and betweenrepparttar 143784 tags.

    Tom Worsley is a successful work from home Internet marketer and independent representative for Strong Future International (SFI), Owner and Webmaster for http://kawarthapublishing.com.

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