10 Minute low calorie Thai Green Chicken Curry

Written by Carl Harris

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First things first. Get your rice inrepparttar microwave or stove top and userepparttar 150051 absorption method. Heat olive oil in wok or frypan and add curry paste. Stir and cook off for 1-2 minutes until paste is bubbling. Add onion and then your lean chicken Fry and allow all ingredients to be coated byrepparttar 150052 paste, and then reduce to medium heat. Add your greens and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Remember to keep an eye on your rice. Add your puree vegetables or soup and allow to simmer until hot. Season to taste. Plate up your food and if you are ahead of time you can shape your rice in a mould or cup and flip on plate for an authentic look. Top rice with curry, garnish and serve. Carl Harris 6degrees.net.au

Carl, director and head trainer of 6 degrees Whilst still at school, he began working in fine dining. Surrounded by great food, Carl battled with his own weight management. However through the right training and guidance, at the age of 17, Carl was able to lose a remarkable 18kg. In the process, he found something that he loved doing and something that allowed him to help people at the same time.

Herbs to help manage cholesterol

Written by Anonymous

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problems as they increaserepparttar flow of bile. When these bile salts are bound by soluble fibres, your body will need to manufacture more bile salts fromrepparttar 150050 cholesterol inrepparttar 150051 blood, thereby loweringrepparttar 150052 cholesterol. Asrepparttar 150053 liver plays a role in regulatingrepparttar 150054 metabolism of fat, taking milk thistle and dandelion will help improve liver function, thus normalisingrepparttar 150055 triglycerides level. You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and less red meat. Oats, apples and carrots contain water soluble fibres that help to regulaterepparttar 150056 blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Vitamins like A, C, E and zinc can be used to improverepparttar 150057 integrity ofrepparttar 150058 blood vessel walls. Clinical evidence also points to these nutrients beingrepparttar 150059 key to help prevent fats withinrepparttar 150060 blood from oxidising and causing damage torepparttar 150061 arteries.


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