10 Killer Ways To Make Your Ad Sell!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Introduce yourself in your ad copy. Haven't you ever read an ad copy and wondered half way through it who is sellingrepparttar product? It's a big turn off.

8. Start your ad with a story. It draws people right into your ad and they forget they're being sold to. You could start with "Once upon a time..."

9. Use less than five points in your ad copy. If you start revealing too many topics, your readers might get confused and quit reading.

10. Make your target audience's experience reading your ad positive. You could educate them or tell a joke to make them laugh.

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The Beginners Guide to Writing Classified Ads

Written by Keegan Michaels

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2. Make sure you have a catchy headline. Sum uprepparttar main selling point of your business or product with one short sentence. Then give a little detail, but not too much. Keep it short.

3. Always include your phone number and url inrepparttar 101162 last lines so that people can contact you or access your site immediately.

4. Write several versions of your classified ad then pickrepparttar 101163 best ones.

5. Test your ads. Run a few of them on free sites first to see which ones get a response. Be sure to include a code inrepparttar 101164 ad info so you will know which ad producedrepparttar 101165 response.

6. Once you find an ad that works well, keep using it. Just because you're bored with it doesn't meanrepparttar 101166 audience is. They don't see it nearly as often as you do.

Using classified ads can be quite rewarding, and doesn't have to be difficult. Just follow these steps, and you just might find your business booming.

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