10 Innovative Game Features

Written by Winston Malton

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6. Exercise different muscles, muscles that you don't normally use. Staying fit isrepparttar name of this game. It's a good cardiovascular workout. You work up a light sweat, be short of breath, and sweaty atrepparttar 139519 brow after punching for almost 10 minutes.

7. The exercise factor has become a hot new selling point. Manufacturers' biggest problem is getting women more interested in gaming. Now, forrepparttar 139520 first time, they are going to see it. It's made for all fitness abilities. For example, in one three-minute exercise you beat back punching bags coming towards you fromrepparttar 139521 four corners ofrepparttar 139522 screen. This could be accomplished either through precise punching and kicking or wild flailing; either way, you burn calories. It's fairly intense asrepparttar 139523 bags coming at you faster and faster.

8. It would allow players to have their body interact withrepparttar 139524 machine, instead of twiddling a joystick wiht buttons. The next wave in video gaming is all about bombarding your senses with real sensations. So plan on throwing away your old plastic joysticks.

9. Eye-Toy isn't only for virtual boxing; it comes in versions that include ping-pong and even dancing in a dance studio or a Zen garden.

10. Games do not have to be an unhealthy exercise. Now you can finally put a video game to work for you with EyeToy. Appease your addiction to games with your body's need for exercise.

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Identifying US Coins with Bullish Futures

Written by Daniel J. Goevert

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Duringrepparttar course of my lengthy numismatic career, I’ve researchedrepparttar 139380 long term value trends of most collectible US coins. Thanks to my trusty computer, I’ve calculated annualized compounded percentage return rates and honed in on a handful of coins that have consistently beatenrepparttar 139381 overall coin market averages. Unfortunately,repparttar 139382 blue-chippers are scarcely encountered. Perhaps it is this fact that explains why so many well-intentioned hobby purists scornrepparttar 139383 idea of blending coin collecting withrepparttar 139384 profit motive.

Individuals whose objective is to satisfy their numismatic pleasure by assembling a collection certain to berepparttar 139385 envy of tomorrow’s collectors must do their homework today. Remember to research historic value trends and evaluate growth potential based on previous performance. One last word of advice… never loose sight ofrepparttar 139386 fact that you are handling artifacts of America’s past, and that all of us are merely their temporary custodians. Respect these coins andrepparttar 139387 history they represent, and you’ll always discover new avenues of adventure not found in most other investment opportunities.

Author Daniel J. Goevert is the webmaster of US Coin Values Advisor (www.us-coin-values-advisor.com). This site specializes in US coin value trends, plus offers detailed coin collecting advice as well as an illustrated history of the United States and the US Mint.

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