10 Hot Phrases That Increase Traffic And Sales!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. "Refer This Our Web Site To A Friend" Ask your visitors to refer your web site to a friend(s). They may know someone that would benefit from visiting your web site.

7. "Fill Out Our Online Survey" Ask visitors to fill out your online survey or questionnaire. You could use it to get valuable feedback on ways to improve your web site to increase traffic.

8. "Enter Our Contests" Ask your visitors to enter your online contest or sweepstakes. People love to win stuff, and they will visit your web site to try.

9. "Give Away Our Freebie To Your Visitors" Allow your visitors to give away your online freebies to people that visit your web site. Include your ad onrepparttar freebie and those freebies will multiply your traffic.

10 "Join Our Affiliate Program" Allow your visitors to make money selling your products or services. This will increase your traffic because they will link to your web site.

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Get 'em While They're Hot!

Written by Dave Balch

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7. Organizerepparttar originals in a binder where customers can see them, or so you can bring them with you on calls.

8. Make a separate piece of literature that contains nothing but your best testimonials… call it "Our brag" sheet or "People are talking about us… and we LOVE it!"

9. If possible, eliminate dates on your testimonials; if it's too old it loses some of it's punch, even though everything they said is still just as valid as when it was first written.

10. Can you take photos of your happy customers with your product? Some products lend themselves better to photographs than others; that's something only you can decide, but if it's a particularly large or well-known customer a photo could add more impact. (Remember, though, that if you use a photo of someone you will probably need some sort of release from them allowing you to use it for promotional purposes. And, if you didn't takerepparttar 125086 photo yourself, there could be some copyright issues to consider, so get some legal advice before you use photos in your marketing materials. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but a good photo is pretty powerful in establishing credibility for you and/or your product or service.)

Start collecting testimonials today, even if you're not quite sure how you're going to use them. Then, when you're ready, you'll have a boatload to choose from.


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