10 Great Ezine Content Tips To Increase Your Sales And Readership

Written by Ken Hill

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You could add these in a recommended resources section. You could also provide a list of your favorite resources such as your top 5 books/ebooks on ezine publishing, marketing or web design with a brief description of each of your resources.

7. Publish an editor's note atrepparttar beginning of each issue.

Use your editor's note to increase your profit by announcing any new sales or discounts you have on your products or services.

Also use your editor's note to increase your credibility by providing tips onrepparttar 124203 topic your ezine covers and by telling your subscribers how you've helped your clients or customers.

8. Provide endorsements within your ezine for your products from respected experts in your field or list testimonials from your satisfied customers.

9. Add an "Ask The Editor" section.

Write out thorough, detailed answers to your subscribers' questions within this section.

This will increase your status as an expert in your field, which will lead to more sales of your products.

You can also use questions you get from your subscribers to get ideas for articles that your subscribers will enjoy and that will keep them reading your ezine.

10. Atrepparttar 124204 end of each issue, tell your readers what your next issue is going to be about such asrepparttar 124205 title and description of your feature article or anything new that you have planned.

This will help you to increase your readership by getting your subscribers to look forward to your next issue.

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Is there enough you in your newsletter?

Written by Jessica Albon

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When you choose one thing to really focus on about yourself--one characteristic, one hobby, one passion--your readers will start to associate that with you. So, now, when they see your name in their inbox they'll think, "That'srepparttar guy who tells such great stories about camping."

...................................... Supporting your label ...................................... Once you've chosen your label, you'll need to support it in every issue. Even slight inconsistencies will bother your readers and reduce their trust in you. So, if you're positioning yourself to be an expert on keeping your grocery bill low, revealing that your family eats out six days a week probably doesn't belong in your newsletter.

Start by making a list. Atrepparttar 124202 top ofrepparttar 124203 page, write your label--whether it's "outdoor enthusiast" or "intelligent." Then list allrepparttar 124204 words that, for you, back this up. You can list activities that fit in with your label, phrases that define your label, or other people who fit your label.

For instance, for Newsletters in Focus (http://www.designdoodles.com/free_newsletter.htm), I've chosenrepparttar 124205 label, "bright." For me this means I work to project intelligence and enthusiasm. That means I focus on areas where I haverepparttar 124206 most experience within newsletter production--the activities I enjoyrepparttar 124207 most, like subscriber interaction and overall perception.

...................................... All successful newsletters have one ...................................... Take a look for yourself--review some of your favorite newsletters and see if you can't categorize each. Chances are,repparttar 124208 newsletters you likerepparttar 124209 most of all are ones that consistently live up to your expectations for them. And inrepparttar 124210 end, that's what your label's all about.

Just as I know when I take Izzy to puppy class that he's going to berepparttar 124211 class clown, your readers need to know what's going to happen when they read your newsletter.

Want more tips on making your newsletter personable? Subscribe to Newsletters in Focus for free tips every two weeks on creating wonderful newsletters. Visit http://www.designdoodles.com/free_newsletter.htm to sign up and receive your free copy of "Do You Make These Six Mistakes in Your Company Newsletter?"

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