10 Fresh Ezine Publishing Tips To Maximize Your Success

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Let your readers know more about you.

An easy way to accomplish this is to include a publisher's note in all your issues.

You'll be able to not only share more about yourself, but you'll also be able to tactfully promote your business or special offers to your readers.

7. Write articles.

Post your articles on your site and submit them to article announcement lists and directories.

Also create an email or RSS list that announces when you've written a new article to ensure that your articles are published on a regular basis by webmasters and ezine publishers that enjoy them.

8. Do an ad swap.

You'll create a win-win situation as both you andrepparttar other publisher will get valuable promotion of your ezines at no cost.

9. Swap recommendations.

Use your thank you page to do your recommendation swap, or recommendrepparttar 144694 other ezine within your publisher's note in exchange for her recommendation of you to her readers.

10. Keep up a regular publishing schedule.

Many new ezine publishers don't realizerepparttar 144695 amount of work it takes to put out a quality ezine.

If you're just starting out, try out a monthly schedule first, and then as you see how much work your ezine entails, you can switch to a biweekly or weekly schedule.

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PayPal Dedication Can Leave Your Business Exposed!

Written by Drew Michael

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PayMate Claims it isrepparttar fastest and safest global trading service onrepparttar 144060 Internet. It has no set-up fees, gateway fees, etc. Has a very high User Satisfaction and continues to add new improvements on a regular basis. Transaction fees for credit card payments are charged at 2.4%. Please visit their web site for more information on transaction fees. http://www.paymate.com.au

PaySat With PaySat you can sell your products/services Online and enjoy such features as: International Merchants Accepted; Instant Application Approval; Product and Recurring Billing; Easy To Use Plug-N-Play Code; Flat Low Rates; No Set-up Fee; Multi domain/brand support; and Intelligent Fraud Detection System. PaySat is only in its 2nd year of operation but has a pretty good reputation. Transaction fees are 5.3% plus 39 cents. http://www.paysat.com

Paystone Great service that started in 2002. Free to open an account with instant approval. Fees to receive payments range from 2.8% + $0.10 for micropayments to 2.8% + $0.30 for transactions over $5.00. There are no set-up or monthly fees. http://www.paystone.com

PaySystems PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution is designed to meetrepparttar 144061 specific needs of Internet and mail/telephone order merchants. Available for U.S. and European-based businesses,repparttar 144062 PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution allows merchants to expand their payment options, increase sales and focus their management efforts on growing their business. PaySystems has no application fees and no merchant account set-up fees. Offers highly competitive rates on transaction fees but you must contact them using their online form at http://eforms.paysystems.com/ps/info/ for more information. http://www.paysystems.com

ProPay USA With ProPay, merchants can accept payments by credit card onrepparttar 144063 Internet and by phone. There is no expensive equipment, no statement / gateway fees and no long term contracts to use their service. Annual fees range from $34.95 - $299.95 with transaction fees ranging from 3.50% plus $0.35 to 2.69% plus $0.25, depending onrepparttar 144064 type of account you desire. http://www.ProPay.com

RegNow RegNow isrepparttar 144065 software industry’s premier registration commerce provider. RegNow makes running a successful online shareware or software publisher business easy by putting a highly advanced platform, customizable technology and powerful resources right at your fingertips. No charge to apply but there is a one-time account activation fee of$9.95 and transaction fee is 16% with a $2.00 minimum charge. http://www.regnow.com/

RegSoft.com In business since 1998, RegSoft.com provides an easy system for users to pay for software and data licensing fees by providing a variety of payment methods. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00 and transactions are processed at 8.9% with a $3 minimum. http://www.regsoft.com

share-it! share-it! is used by over 30,000 Software Publishers for their e-Commerce Solution. share-it! works on a commission basis. In other words, after licensing your program, they retain a service charge of either USD/EUR* 2.95 + 5% (Pricing Model A) or 14.9% but no less than USD/EUR* 2.50 (Pricing Model B) and ) and forwardrepparttar 144066 remaining amount to you. http://www.shareit.com

StormPay A very good service which has been around since 2002. Free to open an account with instant approval. Fees to receive payments are 6.9% plus 69 cents. There are no set-up or monthly fees. https://www.stormpay.com

SWREG SWREG,repparttar 144067 oldest online software store inrepparttar 144068 world, has been in existence since 1987. All their prices include credit card processing on their merchant account. Technically, you sell to SWREG on consignment and they sell on torepparttar 144069 end user. SWREG accepts Micro Payments for 69 cents for items to $7 in value. Default discount is $1 + 6% with a minimum fee of $1.50 (2% surcharge for American Express). This account will be charged a $20 monthly fee withrepparttar 144070 first payment to you each month made with no transmission costs (free wire for instance). Visit http://www.swreg.org/pages/pricing.htm for complete pricing information. http://www.swreg.org

YowCow YowCow is a new company that offers online processing and a 5-level deep affiliate program. No merchant account is needed and you can begin selling today with no monthly fees and a free shopping cart. Has numerous account plans available. Please visit http://www.yowcow.com/yowcow.php?module=pricing for in-depth information. http://www.yowcow.com

Other Options Worth A Look:

Cardservice International at http://www.charge-it-now.com Charge.Com at http://www.charge.com/index.shtml Credit Card Processing Services at http://www.mcvisa.com Free-Merchant.com at http://www.free-merchant.com Free Merchant Source at http://www.freemerchantsource.com e-gold at http://www.e-gold.com GreenZap at http://www.greenzap.com/default.asp IntGold at http://intgold.com Merchant Warehouse at http://www.merchantwarehouse.com Peppercoin at http://corp.peppercoin.com Total Payment Solutions at http://www.totalpaymentsolutions.com VirtualBank at http://www.virtualbank.com

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Drew Michael is a webmaster and marketer. He is the owner of The Business Junction at http://www.thebusinessjunction.com, a major software and entrepreneur directory. For a free subscription to The Business Junction Newsletter and free software downloads subscribe at: http://thebusinessjunction.com/Newsletter_Subscribers_SignUp_Page.htm

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