10 Eye Popping Ad Copy Secrets

Written by Robert Kleine

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7. Include your own picture on your ad copy. This will show people that you're not hiding behind your ad copy and will increase their trust. Also, include your contact information belowrepparttar picture and a brief statement or quote.

8. Tell your potential customers on your ad copy that you will donate a percentage of their purchase price to specific charity. This will show them you really care aboutrepparttar 108060 people. They may just buy your product to donate torepparttar 108061 charity. 9. Ask your potential customers plenty of yes and no questions in your ad copy. The questions should remind them of their problem and make them think about what will happen if they don't purchase your product. 10. Tell your potential customers they will receive a free prize if they findrepparttar 108062 five words in your ad copy that are misspelled or spelled backwards. The longer you can keep someone reading your copyrepparttar 108063 greater chance of them purchasing.

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“Super Adjectives” Boost the Power of Your Copy

Written by Karon Thackston

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Instead of saying “a unique selection,” we said “a distinctive selection.” Rather than “quality craftsmanship,” it’s “expert craftsmanship.” Not just “dependable performance,” but “whisper-quiet performance.”

Where do you find these Super Adjectives? They are all overrepparttar place! Here’s a short list. You can also visit free sites like http://www.thesaurus.com for more.

Adjectives vs. Super Adjectives

·Appealing – attractive, alluring, fascinating ·Best – excellent, unsurpassed, paramount ·Cool – trendy, fashionable, hip ·Different – unusual, exclusive, special ·Easy – effortless, trouble-free, user-friendly ·Fabulous – tremendous, magnificent, remarkable ·Handy – functional, ideal, well-suited ·Improved – enhanced, superior, refined ·Leading – first-rate, top-notch, supreme ·Mouthwatering – tasty, savory, succulent ·New – innovative, fresh, inventive ·Powerful – forceful, persuasive, compelling ·Reliable – dependable, steadfast, trustworthy ·Safe – secure, fully guarded, guaranteed ·Unique – distinctive, rare, matchless ·Vivid – vibrant, brilliant, stunning ·Wonderful – magnificent, amazing, astonishing

Take some time to go beyondrepparttar 108059 ordinary. Find a few Super Adjectives to use in your copy in order to boost excitement and interest inrepparttar 108060 products/services you write about. That added attention Super Adjectives bring can easily correlate to additional sales.

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