10 Essential Elements For a Successful Website

Written by DC Dalton

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1. A website search tool - if they want it NOW they will search, not browse.

2. A website map - again if they get lost this isrepparttar first place they will go.

3. Easy to read content - Don't use color combinations that are rough onrepparttar 141907 eyes. If your information is long provide a easy access printer friendly version.

4. Fast loading pages - NO customer will wait around for 5 minutes to see your website. Remember over 50% ofrepparttar 141908 world is still on a 56k modem, in 2004!

5. A Privacy Statement - Any website that collects information (even email addresses) needs this.

6. Easy Navigation - surfers don't haverepparttar 141909 time to try to figure out your neat navigation system. Keep it simple!

7. Accessibility Statement - Let those who are disabled know that you care about them as customers too.

8. Easy to Access contact information - If they have a problem withrepparttar 141910 site or an order make it easy for them to be able to contact you.

9. Flow of design throughoutrepparttar 141911 site - Don't changerepparttar 141912 page design from page to page. One intro page design and then a consistent inner page design is fine but once in your site make sure everything stays inrepparttar 141913 same place.

10. NO, I REPEAT, NO pop ups! - These have become synonymous with ads, spy ware, viruses and porn sites. Do anything you can to avoid them.

OK, so #10 isn't a do, it's a don't but we really felt it had to be onrepparttar 141914 list. Many ofrepparttar 141915 items on this list will not only create a better experience for your clients but they will also increase your accessibility to any disabled customer and will help get your website ranked higher inrepparttar 141916 search engines. All in all it just makes good business sense.

over 10 years in web design / web application development, DC Dalton had "been around the barn" of the what to do and what not to do in successful a website. His primary site handles these exact problems, www.dcddesigns.com

Yahoo Auctions is now Free!

Written by Ratliff J

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What does this mean for you?


If you ever wanted to make money online and stopped because auction sites charge to even list an item (plus thenrepparttar fee arepparttar 141906 end ofrepparttar 141907 auction), then this is a great timeto try out this business model and make some extra money.

We all have items laying aroundrepparttar 141908 house (and to tell yourepparttar 141909 truth, fleamarkets and garage sales can be an absolute treasure trove too) that could be worth a lot of money to someone else and you thought it was just junk.

J. Ratliff is author ofrepparttar 141910 Affiliate Directory. Learn how you can make money with auctions at Express Profits

J. Ratliff is author of the Affiliate Directory. Learn how you can make money with auctions at Express Profits

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